Losing Possessiveness Thru Our Higher Mind Planets – Sep 29

As I write this on Saturday, the New Moon in Libra has just exacted and we are all focused on Relating. But Libra, like all the Signs has a lower vibration of relationships which are a contract for your future and very 3D and a higher vibration of relating-ships which are merely wonderful experiences during magical aspects.

Venus has yet to Sextiles Jupiter on Saturday evening kicking off more relating-ships optimism and Higher-Mindedness.

Sunday, Sep 29, EST

At 12:14am the Sun at 5:44 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 5:44 Taurus.

Since Ingressing Taurus in May 2018, Uranus has been changing up our desires. Many ‘relationships’ ended at that time, especially for Tauruses. We are still getting used to Uranus Transiting through the Sign of attraction, beauty, resources, values and desires. Our money situation has likely changed or become less predictable. There is some revelation there for new avenues to appear, but there is also a sense of needing to just roll with the uncertainty. As the Sun makes this aspect to Uranus from Venus’ other sign of Libra, we can expect our clarity to be about how our new values and desires and financial instability has affected our relationships. Uranus is the first one to suggest that nothing lasts forever, though Librans and Baby-Boomers, with Neptune in Libra, have that dream. What/how do we need to adjust our relationship goals in light of Uranus’ new shock and awe around our Fixed Earth area of life? In 5D, of which Uranus plays a major role, ‘relating-ships’ need to replace the 3D concept of relationships. As time is not LINEAR, we need to see ways to ‘relate’ that can navigate through Karmic Returns and other forms of separation consciousness without thinking there is ‘cheating’ going on. While Taurus loves to ‘possess’, Uranus is going to teach a lesson here about holding on very loosely so that unexpected events can occur when your ‘relationships’ has passed their cosmic expiration date.

At 5:53am the Sun at 5:58 Libra Quintiles Jupiter at 17:58 Sagittarius.

Now we can see more clearly how to incorporate Uranus’ changed desires with our new spiritual and ‘relating-ship’ philosophy. Its ok to continue to ‘love’ the person who has left us in the 3D physical world because we can understand by our Higher Minds that there is simply an experience allowing us to reconcile 3D Karmic and Duality with our 5D philosophy and understanding that surpasses the ‘seen’ or conscious world. We are more than the sum of our parts… or the sum of our ‘relating-ships.’

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