Pluto Stations, Mercury in Scorpio & Magically Inspired Actions – Oct 3

Thursday, Oct 3, EST

At 2:39am EST Pluto at 20:38 Scorpio Stations Direct.

Where he has been a bit weakened in his Retrograde, Pluto will now resume full strength. Call him a Dwarf all you want, just maybe not to his face;) From here on out, both he and Saturn will be getting down to business preparing for their Jan 12 Conjunction at 22:46 Capricorn. But for now, he has been highlighting 20 degrees Capricorn during his Station. This is the degree the Sun will reach for the Lunar Eclipse of Jan 19, 2020 with the Moon at 20:00 degrees Cancer, Sun 20:00 Capricorn.

Pluto first reached 20+ degrees Capricorn for most of February to mid-March 2018. Then from June to mid-July, 2018 while Retrograde. Then mid-December, 2018 to mid-January, 2019. There is likely someone in your life who has challenged your power or misused theirs during these time-frames. As he Stations Direct, you can maybe put the issue to rest or it will build until the Conjunction with Saturn on Jan 12, 2020.

Saturn Stationed Retrograde at 20:31 on April 30 so as he applies to Pluto, Saturn will cross Pluto’s Station His own Station at 3:30am on Dec 24 just 7 minutes from Pluto’s Station. About 4:00am on Dec 25 Saturn will cross Pluto’s Direct Station. So this 20+ degree is a very hot button over the next few months. I will be writing more about the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction very soon. If you are feeling something foreboding, a Reading might help you to get the proper perspective on the energy in your Chart.

At 4:14am Mercury Ingresses Scorpio.

From Libra to Scorpio is a matter of diplomacy to intensity, relationship to intimacy, relationship to merging mind, body and spirit. Pluto will rule Mercury as he Transits Scorpio where Mercury will have his next Retrograde cycle. Words, thoughts and ideas are intense and probing. Superficiality is gone and we will find ourselves looking for everyone’s motives and not taking the easy answer.

On Oct 11 Mercury will enter Phase 1, the Shadow Phase of his Retrograde cycle. He will reach 27:38 Scorpio on Oct 31 when he will Station Retrograde, Phase 2. On Nov 20 he will Station Direct at 11:35 Scorpio, Phase 3 and his 3rd pass to 11:35-27:38. Words in this House will be affecting other peoples’ money that you use, your intimate partners and transformation will be underway via your thoughts, words and ideas.

At 8:49am Mars at 29:35 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 5:35 Taurus.

Magically inspired actions to serve and beautify. Graceful actions that inspire changes around the workplace. Men serving women unexpectedly and they swoon. Changed desires that make us more efficient in our duties to others. Groups of women initiate service to men. It can play out in so many ways! But make no mistake, this is acting before you think and you will then look around and be amazed at how it was just the right thing to do at that time!

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