Speaking About Our Money Plans – Oct 5-7

Saturday, Oct 5, EST

At 12:05pm Mercury at 3:16 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 3:16 Aries.

Words can hurt. Or your own insecurity can have you turning unhealthy circles in your mind. It can be about money you share with someone or around intimacy you share. You could be the one afraid to initiate the intimacy and sharing. But there is an adjustment here, so look for what is needed.

On Friday, the Moon Ingressed Capricorn. She will begin making aspects today.

Quarter Moon

At 12:45pm today the Moon will begin to Square the Sun (the Quarter Moon), Oppose the Mean North Node and True North Node. This is some intuition coming ahead of the Sun exacting a Square to the Nodes on Sunday. Around 5:00pm the Moon will Conjunct Saturn at 14+ Capricorn. Look for some ideas of what is going on in this area of your life 12-14+ Capricorn.

At 11:24pm Mercury a 3:55 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 18:55 Sagittarius.

Too much ‘talk’ can irritate your intimate partner. Or lack of transparency can irritate a mentor, spiritual partner of some sort or someone at a long-distance. Try to keep in mind your global perspective and apply to your money and intimate situations.

Sunday, Oct 6

At 5:10am the Moon Conjuncts Pluto at 20:38 Capricorn.

Some insight into WHO is Pluto and what is going on here. YOU are playing Pluto to someone else, too, so keep that in mind.

At 2:29pm the Sun at 13:13 Libra Squares the North Node at 13:30 Cancer.

All day yesterday the Sun was Square to the Mean North Node. I find the Mean, especially when its leading the True North Node, to create more energy. But today you will have the culminating clarity of this aspect. What relating-ship goals serve your home and career objectives.? If the emphasis right now (via the North Node in Cancer) is to focus on the family, how does have a solid ability to relate or a significant other in your life further your family focus? Or does it hinder? It could be getting in the way of your career side of things as well. But today you will have some clarity as to what is going on.

Monday, Oct 7

At 2:17am Mercury at 5:27 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 5:27 Taurus.

Mercury Opposite Uranus

As this can be a very helpful aspect and one that you can clearly identify, I wanted to be sure you are AWARE of it early enough to make good use of it. You could be feeling this aspect build all day on Sunday. Out of the box thinking. Inspiration on your money plans and ways to achieve the resources you need: either your own or use of others’. You could figure out why your attractions have been suddenly changing. Or why your own resources have been wacky and unpredictable lately. Or someone could tell you that you owe them money and you have a surprising idea of how to respond.

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