Mercury in Shadow; Mars & Venus Get a Shake-Up – Oct 11/12

Friday, Oct 11, EST

At 6:50pm Mercury enters his Shadow, Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle.

From here on out what gets communicated and thought of in your conscious mind is going to be subject to review once Mercury Stations Retrograde on Oct 31 at 27:38 Scorpio. Mercury is Scorpio is thoughts and words written and spoken regarding our shared resources and intimacy.

Saturday, Oct 12

At 4:00am Mars at 5:15 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 5:15 Taurus.

Our motivations to relate and reciprocate in relating-ships needs to be adjusted to some unexpected desires that spark on us. Or we could have some revelation of who and what we desire and we need to adjust how we approach it so there is some balance in the exchange. Uranus is ‘the shaken, not stirred’ drink of the cosmos.

At 11:49am Mercury at 12:28 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 12:28 Cancer.

This is Mercury’s only Trine to the North Node and so what gets written or spoken today is likely to not really change. How easy is it for you to use your family’s resources? You could find yourself discussing inheritance or taxes on family land and property. Or you could see a way to secure the funds necessary to allow you to make improvements to family property. Or you could introduce a lover to your family. Or it could be a few words exchanged with a family member.

At 12:16pm Venus at 4:56 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 19:56 Sagittarius.

Usually some type of irritation, but these 2 Healing Planets don’t really create much of that when in aspect to each other. Still your intimate desires may rub someone of a spiritual slant the wrong way. Or an elder, mentor or pastor-type could offer a healing touch or offer of money when you need it. A good aspect to determine how your new spiritual philosophy is affecting your values around money and intimacy.

At 6:07pm Venus at 5:14 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 5:14 Taurus.

This is Venus’ 2nd aspect to 2 Higher Mind Planets so our intimate desires are elevated to a higher level. Venus rules Uranus in Taurus, though, so she has some more impact of her own to offer here. How are your bizarre attractions, or unexpected attractions, affecting your intimate relating-ships where you have shared resources? Have your desires changed so much that you must now shake up some financial arrangements with others? Both Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed Signs and the most loyal Signs of the Zodiac when it comes to sensual and sexual touch. But Uranus is bringing change to some loyalties and today you are likely to see how that is going to bring change to your shared financial situations.

Mars adjusted to Uranus early this morning and now Venus is having to strike a balance. But Saturday morning, Venus will Sextile Mars and we will see more clearly what our desires are. Venus is ruling Mars now as well as Uranus so lots of Venusian energy here.

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