Full Moon in Aries, Jupiter Ses-Square Uranus & Sun Square Pluto – Oct 13/14

Sunday, Oct 13, EST

At 10:17am Venus at 6:04 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Mars at 6:04 Libra.

Now we have the final aspect is a 3-way with Venus, Mars and Uranus. On Saturday, both Venus and Mars aspected Uranus and today they aspect each other. Venus was showing a contrast around money and intimacy. Mars was making an adjustment around desires, resources and relating. Now as they make a minor, but productive, aspect to each other we will have the final piece of insight. How does touch affect our ability to relate? How does sharing resources create a reciprocal relating-ship? We are motivated to relate to the one we are sharing resources with.

At 2:02pm the Sun at 20:06 Libra Sextiles Jupiter at 20:06 Sagittarius.

There is some clarity here that will allow us to establish new goals in our relating to seniors, grandparents, mentors, spiritual leaders or foreigners. And we can see how our new spiritual and/or global perspective and philosophy relates to our relating-ships.

At 5:08pm the Moon at 20:14 Aries Opposes the Sun at 20:14 Libra creating the Annual Full Moon in Aries.

This is the Full Moon that has us looking at ourselves in relationship to another or others. How are we doing in our relating? Are we fair and balanced? Are we reciprocating on the need to maintain the relationship? Are we able to keep our own identity while being in a relating-ship? Can we still do our own thing? Today you will SEE how you FEEL about yourself and another. With this emotional peak, you will know what to focus on over the next 15 days or so. At the Full Moon both the Sun and Moon are Square to Pluto adding great intensity to this Full Moon.

Monday, Oct 14

All of the aspects on Monday occur within a few hours after midnight. So you will likely feel them all day on Sunday.

At 1:25am Jupiter at 20:11 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 5:11 Taurus.

This is their 3rd Ses-Square. The 1st one exacted on Jan 9 at 13:36 Sag and 28:36 Aries. So the adjustment was to our personal freedom rather than our personal desires and resources. The 2nd Ses-Square exacted on Jun 6 at 19:57 Sag and 4:57 Taurus, the same Signs they meet from today. Have we managed to incorporate our changed desires into our new spiritual philosophy? Can we merge the unusual nature of what we desire into our global sense of things? What do we need to adjust in order to create an ease between these 2 areas of our lives? Uranus has been changing up our personal resources as well and that may have been affecting our optimism if we started to worry about the changes. We needed to trust that we would still have what we needed as these changes began. Jupiter is the one who can help us to see that all will be well. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Ancient Chinese teachings: “God gave teeth; He will give bread.” We don’t know how we got our teeth, why do we worry about our bread? That is a perfect example of this aspect. So ponder it and adjust to the new sense of optimism it inspires.

At 2:56am Mercury at 14:28 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 14:28 Capricorn.

Here we have some words, contracts or ideas around initiating career objectives while using other peoples’ money. Transparency will go a long ways to showing we are ready for the responsibility of our new position of authority.

At 3:38am the Sun at 20:40 Libra Squares Pluto at 20:40 Capricorn.

Here we can see how our diplomacy may not be effective with someone in authority or some financial backer/intimate partner. Pluto’s intensity likes to get the root of things and Libra is usually averse to such probing. So we can see that we may need to keep this in mind when setting relating-ships goals? Do we want to get along? Or do we want to merge with another? There is a big difference in the quality of connection. Your Pluto-types are unlikely to appreciate the ‘let’s just everybody get along’ today. Look for new ways to relate to these people.

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