Leadership Philsophies & More – Oct 16/17

Wednesday, Oct 16, EST

At 11:43pm Mercury at 17:46 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 2:46 Aries.

You are talking about some intimacy or shared resource situation but some insecurity or lack of motivation has to be worked around in order to get comfortable with your plans. Or maybe someone is proposing that you merge some money or physically and you need to overcome some insecurity in order to act on the proposal. Will you seize the opportunity? Take the lead? Or initiate the action to merge? Get off the couch and into the game.

Thursday, Oct 17

At 1:44am Jupiter at 20:41 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 20:41 Capricorn.

This aspect has been in orb for a few weeks now as Pluto is still on the degree of his Direct Station. We are looking at our leadership philosophy to see if we are meeting our own high standards. Or is someone misusing their authority and see ways that more integrity can be applied to the way they are dealing with it. Its important to get a handle on ‘good leadership’ styles now so that we know how we want to transform our public structures over the next year as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will meet in Capricorn.

At 2:39pm Mars at 8:46 Libra Quintiles Jupiter at 20:46 Sagittarius.

Effortless actions to relate to those who are our mentors, seniors, grandparents, foreigners, spiritual/philosophical leaders. Jupiter is offering optimism in our relationships by helping us to see the big picture of how we are 2 parts of the same whole. Your actions are going to align with your new spiritual philosophy.

At 6:50pm Venus at 11:29 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 11:29 Cancer.

Our money desires will be to create an ease with the family and their needs. You may find yourself offering some of your money to a family member and it demonstrates the value you place on your relationship with them. You may have ideas to beautify the home as a physical representation of the importance of family.

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