Sun Quintile & Mars Square Saturn – Oct 25-27

Friday, Oct 25, EST, pm

At 11:29pm the Sun at 2:25 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 2:25 Aries.

Some lack of motivation or insecurity is keeping you from some intimate arrangement. The Sun is going to show you how to adjust yourself for successful up ahead. Anytime the Sun meets Chiron, it is a great time to go into gratitude for what you see as it allows you to accept the wounding pain and by embracing, succeed Soulfully.

Saturday, Oct 26

At 6:55am Mercury at 26:01 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 11:01 Cancer.

Expressing your intimate goals, whether physical or financial, will require you to adjust to do tending to family matters as well. Make the adjustment and an ease will result. Mercury is nearing his Rx Station which exacts on Oct 31 at 27:38 Scorpio. So he will Ses-Square the North Node again on Nov 6 at 25:17 Scorpio and 10:17 Cancer. You are likely to be reviewing your plans, ideas and words from today again at that time.

At 12:46pm Venus at 22:21 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 22:21 Sagittarius.

A minor aspect, but certainly a helpful one. It offers us a chance to apply our spiritual/global philosophy to our use of our money and other peoples’ money. And to apply abundance and optimism to any situation as well.

At 4:01pm the Sun at 3:06 Scorpio Quintiles Saturn at 15:06 Capricorn.

This is some effortless clarity around our career goals and our shared resources to accomplish them. Or we could find ourselves able to see where there are investors or investment potential for us to succeed.

Sun Quintile Saturn, Moon and Mars applying to Square Saturn

However if you look at the chart for this aspect, the Moon and Mars are both applying to Square Saturn. The Moon in less than an hour and Mars’ aspect is below. It may be hard to detect the upside of this aspect. But try to!

Sunday, Oct 27, am

At 10:31am Mars at 15:09 Libra Squares Saturn at 15:09 Capricorn.

Mars is our ‘go’ energy and Saturn is our ‘slow’ energy. Saturn wants us to slow things down, be cautious, get serious and focus on only one thing. Mars is already feeling hemmed in while in Libra which calls for diplomacy and balance. Mars likes to just take action before much, if any, thought. Saturn is that stern glare from some father-like authority, or yourself, that halts Mars in mid-stride. Relating-ships may have to wait until you have all your career objectives met. Or you should be worrying about bringing home the bacon rather than talking the day away.

By evening the Moon will Conjunct the Sun at 4:25 Scorpio creating the annual New Moon in Scorpio.

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