New Moon in Scorpio & Interpersonal Semi, Semi-Square – Oct 27/28

Sunday, Oct 27, EST

At 4:30pm the Moon Ingresses Scorpio and we begin to align our private life (feelings) with our public life (goals, purpose) around intimacy and shared resources.

At 11:38pm the Moon at 4:25 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 4:25 Scorpio creating the annual New Moon in Scorpio.

New Moon at 4:25 Scorpio, Opposite Uranus Rx

If you have been waiting for some shared resources to be made available this is a cosmically appropriate time of year for something new to arrive here. Over the next month, you will be reviewing your feelings around your intimacy situations and setting new goals for all that you would like to accomplish in this area of life. Honesty, transparency, integrity and ethics will be where you will have clarity coming in to set these new goals. As 4 of the 5 Personal Planets are in Scorpio for the next few days, you will be clarifying your communication and desires in this area of life, too, and for longer than the next few days.

The Sun and Moon are in tight orb of an Opposition to Uranus as this New Moon so there is some changes coming our way regarding our Scorpio areas of life as well as Taurus areas. Money and sensual and sexual touch are being affected.

Monday, Oct 28

At 4:15am the Sun at 4:36 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 4:36 Taurus.

There is some changes going on around our resources and those we share with others, or others’ money that we use. Or these changes could be around WHO, WHAT and HOW we desire our touch and intimacy to proceed. Uranus can offer out-of-the-box ideas and ingenuity in the ways we merge physically and financially. If your birthday is near today, or a day or so either side of this date, and you begin having ‘seizures’, just accept the changed desires so that you can move forward into the new paradigm Uranus is bringing. It could be affecting your Throat Chakra, or if this is near your birthday, the Crown Chakra (aka creates seizures that are temporary during Uranus’ Transit). Whatever the wild and crazy money and intimacy desires, embrace them. They are freeing and revelatory!

At 9:45am the North Node at 10:38 Cancer Conjuncts the Solar Eclipse degree of Jul 2. You may have a strong sense of the ‘fresh start’ initiated at that time around mom, home, family, land/emotional roots, hometown and nurturing. The Moon at 10:37 Scorpio will Trine the Eclipse degree and adding emotional emphasis to this Conjunction.

At 10:45am Jupiter at 22:43 Sagittarius Semi-Semi-Square Saturn at 15:13 Capricorn.

The Semi-Semi-Square is a 22.5 degree aspect, or half of a Semi-Square. Makes sense, right? Well, it brings ‘events’ and is kind of awesome to watch. Now I haven’t tracked these much between the Transiting Planets so help me out. If you recognize this aspect occurring for you, let me know. Send me an email or leave a comment.

Call me!

Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Interpersonal Planets, so when they aspect another Planet, there is usually you and someone else involved (aka Interpersonal). Cool thing is that both Planets are in the Signs they rule so their truest energies are available. Jupiter would bring in foreigners, mentors, pastors/gurus, seniors/grandparents, college students, higher consciousness philosophers, or someone long distance from you, etc. Saturn would bring in a father-like authority, politician, governmental worker, corporate manager, head-hunter, etc. These archetypes are just a few possibilities. If Saturn is in your 3rd House, for instance, it can be an older sibling. But YOU are going to be ONE of these within the aspect. Which one are you playing and who is playing the other?

The rest of the day Mars is applying to Quincunx Neptune so you will adjusting your relating-ship actions and motivations to some subconscious hiccup.

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