Clarifying Hand of Merlin – Oct 31/Nov 1

Thursday, Oct 31, EST

As I write this Mercury has just Stationed Retrograde. He is still on the same degree and minute. There is some shifting of our plans already underway.

From Thursday night to Friday morning the Sun is aspecting both Chiron and Pluto who are applying to another Quintile. The Sun is creating a Hand of Merlin aspect with them. This is 2 Quintiles and a Biquintile.

At 6:38pm the Sun at 8:12 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 2:12 Aries.

Chiron is one degree of his Direct Station which will occur on Dec 12 at 1:26 Aries. So for th next few months, Chiron will be on the 1-2 degrees of Aries. The Sun offers clarity today showing us the ways Chiron in Aries has been affecting us. I have noticed that I have forgotten names of acquaintances or it takes a minute to recall it. A name is a 1st House thing as it is how someone refers to you and your person. Chiron in Aries is a lack of motivation or insecurity in asserting ourselves. The effects are strongest when Chiron is aspecting one of your Natal Planets or Points, but it will be on-going for the next several years. The Sun in Scorpio is highlighting our physical and financial intimate situations. So there is some effortless ability to overcome insecurity and lack of motivation. The Sun and Chiron provide us a chance to be grateful for the experience so go into gratitude and see how this helps you today.

At 10:40pm the Sun at 8:22 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 23:22 Sagittarius.

A reminder to keep your integrity in place when dealing with legal and financial matters. Or to thank someone for the way they share with you. You can see the perspective of your lover or your financier today. How does transparency and honesty serve your spiritual philosophy?

Friday, Nov 1

At 9:58am the Sun at 8:51 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 20:51 Capricorn.

Effortless clarity around those you share yourself and resources with as well as how you or they use your power in your dealings with each other. You can see clearly if you are being transparent and honesty and see why it is so important to do so even if you feel they have more power than you or vice versa. Today it is an easy sharing between you and all is well.

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