Venus Into Sagittarius Meets Saturn – Nov 1-2

Friday, Nov 1, EST

At 4:25pm Venus Ingresses Sagittarius.

For the next 30 days or so our desires will be Higher Mind and higher conscious. We will desire to see the big picture and to add value to our new spiritual/global philosophy. We will be optimistic about our resources and willing to share. We will see ourselves as ‘global citizens’ and love to experience various cultural foods and travels. For all Scorpio Suns this is Natal energy with Sagittarius ruling our 2nd House. But now it is activated with Venus’ Transit through here. If you have been waiting on a court case or insurance settlement, this could be occurring in the next 30 days as Venus would bring resources through these Sagittarius’ areas.

Saturday, Nov 2

At 2:26am Venus at 0:31 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 15:31 Capricorn.

Our newfound optimism is going to have to wait while this irritating aspect to Saturn rains on our parade. Its fast-moving but do pay attention to what Saturn is doing. He is restricting and compressing some of our resources to have them available at a later day. So let him has his way and all will go well here soon.

At 9:10pm the Sun at 10:18 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 10:18 Cancer.

Some clarity around sharing of resources with family members. If there is some inheritance or land tax issue, there is some favorable insight into ways to fairly manage these things. Or you may see how your lover can be introduced into your family circle successfully.

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