Venus Gets Soul-Awareness & Mars Squares Pluto – Nov 3-5

Sunday, Nov 3, EDST

At 8:20am Venus at 2:07 Sagittarius Trine Chiron Rx at 2:07 Aries.

This aspect is separating as I write this, but you may recognize it more in hindsight. You had a healing touch for someone who was feeling insecure. Or you were able to assert yourself and your desires with ease.

Tuesday, Nov 5

At 2:09am Venus at 4:17 Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Rx at 4:17 Taurus.

While out of a tight orb with Chiron now, Venus is still moving between the 2 Planets that offer ‘Soul Awareness’ and as she is in Sagittarius, a Higher Mind Sign, she has loads of Soulful energy coming through. Venus rules Uranus in Taurus, so the girl has her way with this energy. She wants to adjust her ‘needs and wants’ (Venus/Taurus) with her spiritual/global philosophy. There is likely a sacrifice to be made here that makes the adjustment. She may relinquish some of our many resources to the benefit of many. Or she could suddenly see how to apply her philosophy to groups of people to ‘show’ her philosophy by example. But there is a sacrifice, but it will be very welcome.

At 2:47am Venus at 4:19 Sagittarius Biquintiles the North Node at 10:19 Cancer.

Now the effortless/magical energy reaches a peak offering us even more Soulful insight into our new values as they relate to our spiritual/global philosophy or leadership philosophy. The North Node has us choosing family over career, social status, public reputation, etc. Though Saturn and Pluto are certainly emphasizing the Capricorn energy anyway! But the North Node wants us to consider the role family and the land plays in our human experience here. Venus in Sagittarius is beginning to see the ‘global family’ as part of her desire to nurture as well. So there is an effortless attraction to what is good for all here.

At 5:28am Mars at 20:54 Libra Squares Pluto at 20:54 Capricorn.

Thankfully Mars is in his detriment in Libra and required to be a bit more diplomatic here with any Pluto-types. Though Mars acts before he thinks, the Libran energy is going to be helpful in keeping him from creating an all-out war with someone in authority. Mars will need to keep some balance within himself which will allow this Square to go down a bit easier than it would otherwise. You are motivated to relate and Pluto, in 3D, wants to manipulate you in the relationship to get what he is after: social status, financial merging, etc. So there is a natural clash that is quite undeniable here. Do you best to ‘side-step’ the power-plays that are likely to occur.

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