Adjust, Irritate, Learn & Magic – Nov 6

Wednesday, Nov 6, EDST

At 12:23am Mercury Rx at 25:17 Scorpio Ses-Square the North Node at 10:17 Cancer.

Our thoughts, words and ideas are being revised regarding shared resources with family and/or land. How transparent are you being? You may need to adjust your level of transparency to get the ease promised by the Ses-Square. Or you may need someone in the family to assist you with your own plans. Either way, an adjustment to your thinking will show you how to solidify your plans.

At 9:50am Venus at 5:55 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 20:55 Capricorn.

Our plans to use our own resources liberally with others may rub someone the wrong way who you share yourself with or who you share/use their resources. Or your expansive values are irritating to someone who would like to manipulate you in some way.

At 7:48pm Mercury Rx at 24:32 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 24:32 Sagittarius.

Mercury 1st Semi-Sextiled Jupiter on Oct 20 at 21:15 of the respective Signs. Now Mercury is in review and Jupiter has just passed his Retrograde Station of 24:21 of Apr 11. So Jupiter is done reviewing and has been finalizing our new spiritual/global philosophy. Jupiter has been Semi-Sextile both Saturn and Pluto finalizing our understanding of preferred leadership styles. Mercury is bringing in the element of intimacy and financial backing to the mix. What gets expressed today is likely to involve all of Jupiter’s higher perspective that he has been working on. So pay attention.

Mercury began his current cycle with his Conjunction to Jupiter on Nov 27, 2018 at 4:18 Sagittarius. Mercury was Retrograde at the time. Jupiter was newly Ingressed in his own Sign. They were Conjunct again on Dec 21 at 9:34 Sagittarius with Mercury Direct. Mercury will Conjunct Jupiter on Jan 2 at 6+ Capricorn, between the 2 Eclipses.

At 11:19pm Mars at 22:03 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 16:03 Pisces.

Our motivations to relate will work effortlessly with our subconscious mind. Which means that we can likely relate to anyone who the Universe has put in our path. We can initiate relating and it will be reciprocated willingly by our mirror. Men (and all of us really) can apply balance and refinement to our actions with others.

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