$, $, $, Consolidate, Restructure & Set Plans at the Inferior Conjunction & Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 10-12

Sunday, Nov 10, EDST

At 6:17pm the Moon Ingresses Scorpio on the way to the Taurus Full Moon that exacts on Tuesday morning (see below).

Monday, Nov 11

At 2:10am the Moon at 4:03 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus Rx at 4:03 Taurus.

Some inspiration, revelation and changed feelings and desires around our own resources, beauty, touch and groups of people. This is some helpful intuition around new ways we can acquire resources or touch in order to satisfy the emotional tug of the impending Full Moon.

At 10:22am Mercury Rx at 18:56 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 18:56 Scorpio.

Inferior Conjunction

One of 6 days each year (usually) that our conscious mind (Mercury) and our goals, purpose and realtime (Sun) are in sync. The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs when Mercury is Retrograde. It is the time to ‘seed’ a new conscious-goals cycle over the next 165 days. We may think that WE are setting our intentions to create something, but actually we are merely aligning with the potentiality of the energies. In 5D we know that everything is unfolding just exactly as it should so we are not thinking in terms of the trickery of Mercury that says we can ‘choose’ the outcome;) We CAN choose OUR RESPONSE to the outcome which is much more powerful.

Debt (Scorpio/Pluto) Clarity (Sun) Contract (Mercury) Consolidation (Saturn/Capricorn)

Mercury and the Sun meeting in the intense Sign of Scorpio is helping us to see our new goals around sharing of ourselves in intimacy and use of other peoples’ money. Which is going to be very important at this stage in time as the co-ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is nearing the Conjunction with Saturn which will bring major ‘financial restructuring’ for us all. Integrity is called for at the very deepest levels of our merging with others. So the Sun and Mercury are helping us (Sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) to see how to start this new financial restructuring. Both the Sun and Mercury will be Conjunct Saturn and Pluto are their Conjunction on Jan 12, 2020!! So this Inferior Conjunction is playing a major role in helping us PERSONALLY to align with the BIG financial restructuring of our authority and power entities.

It could be that you just want to save (Saturn) some money (Pluto) by moving in with your lover (Pluto/Scorpio). Or you need to file for bankruptcy because you are that restricted in your shared resources at the moment. Or you are being response-able to your recent spending with some ‘debt consolidation’.

On Monday, it is likely you will be speaking with or making plans with someone who is involved with the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction up ahead. Pay attention to all you hear and say on Sunday through Tuesday. It will be YOUR Personal road-map to consolidating (Saturn) your shared resources/debt/taxes (Pluto) for a better career foundation (Capricorn).

Tuesday, Nov 12

At 8:34pm the Moon at 19:52 Taurus Opposes the Sun at 19:52 Scorpio creating the annual Full Moon in Taurus.

Full Moon in Taurus

Love and sex. Touch and intimacy. My money and your money. It doesn’t cut much deeper than this axis of the Zodiac Wheel: Taurus/Scorpio. At the New Moon in Scorpio on Oct 27 at 4:25 Scorpio, we had some clarity around our current bottom line and balance sheet. Now with the Moon at the mid-point, we can FEEL if our progress has taken us where we were looking to go. And it is usually an emotional time as we seek to grapple with the culmination and completion of the promise of the New Moon. Did we acquire enough resources? Were we honest and above board in all of our dealings with investors and backers? Do we love the person we are financially tied to? These are big questions right now. But we can SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about our progress and our goals.

This Full Moon is yet another step helping us prepare for the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction where we will ALL be looking at financial (Pluto) structures (Saturn) in our lives and in our public persona.

At 1:21pm Mars at 25:42 Libra Sextiles Jupiter at 25:42 Sagittarius.

Whatever new intimacy goals you aligned with earlier you now can act on relating this to your partner, friends or elders. You want to be diplomatic, but your new integrity around sharing resources needs to align with your ability to ‘act’ in a relating-ship and to keep your spiritual/global perspective in mind, too.

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