Syncing Intimacy With Values & Use of Authority – Nov 14

Thursday, Nov 14, EDST

At 3:09am Mercury Rx at 15:30 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Venus at 15:30 Sagittarius.

This is the 2nd aspect in the 3-way with Mercury, Venus and Neptune. At 5:34pm on Wednesday Mercury Rx Trined Neptune Rx and that was a nice ease around some intimacy and shared resources plans. Now as Mercury meets Venus, we may have some idea of what our desires are, but they must be lofty as Venus is in Sagittarius. “Adventure is great and should be indulged in, so don’t take things too seriously Scorpio,” Sagittarius would say. Venus wants to spend her own resources on seeking a higher calling or some global adventure and vacay, but Mercury is having to deal with the bottom line. But today they are working through it productively.

At 12:06pm Venus at 15:59 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Rx at 15:59 Pisces.

Now Venus may be the one to ‘choke’ on all of her over-spending or her abundant thinking as her subconscious may be bringing up a feeling of ‘scarcity.’ These 3D aspects between Venus and Neptune can be a fear around our desires and touch. Or too much of a good thing indulgence-wise. These 2 can create STDs when in 3D aspect, but it is merely a physical expression of an internal repression, so don’t buy into it. But take note that this fear around your new spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius) and your values (Venus) are just a 3D fear so go deeper into Neptune’s truth: we are ALL connected so 3D ‘separation consciousness’ is a lie;) Reach out and touch by using your Higher Minds.

At 10:31pm Venus at 16:31 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 16:31 Capricorn.

In her final aspect before beginning a new cycle with the Karmic Planet of Saturn, Venus is going to be getting practical and serious (Saturn) about her new spiritual philosophy of abundance and her global values. She will want to be sure she is applying them to her career and public reputation areas of life and not just for her own personal edification. Saturn is applying to Pluto to enforce transparency within our circles of power and authority. You need to know how transparency is supported by your spiritual philosophy so you can stand up to any corruption that will be revealed up ahead. How are you putting your money where your values are?

Mercury just Sextiled Saturn on Wednesday morning. Now our values (Venus) and spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius) need to align with our revised plans (Mercury Rx) for shared resources (Scorpio) AND our career goals and use of authority (Saturn/Capricorn).

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