Getting Clear About Family Matters – Nov 16

Saturday, Nov 16, EST

At 3:45am the Moon at 9:09 Cancer Conjuncts the North Node at 9:09 Cancer.

Our intuition will be showing us some of the lessons of the North Node’s Transit through Cancer. The Moon rules the North Node as she rules Cancer. If you are feeling strongly about family matters, mom, home and land, this will highlight our Soulful focus right now. Throughout the rest of Saturday, the Moon will begin to Oppose Saturn and Pluto offering us more insight into what their Conjunction holds for us.

At 2:51pm the Sun at 24:09 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 9:09 Cancer.

An adjustment to create an ease around our shared resources with family members, the home, land or mom. How transparent are you being? If you are not, then that is the adjustment to make. To set good goals we need to see where things really stand and this is a good aspect to get us there.

At 7:14pm Venus at 18:49 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 3:49 Taurus.

More adjustment and ease around our spiritual values and our changed/unexpected desires. Or you could be over-indulging in some spending or luxury time and you suddenly see that you need to change what you are doing, spending or desiring. Or your beauty regimen is going to get a shake-up and a mentor/grandparent/college student, etc. may cause you to adjust your plans a bit.

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