Valuing Transparency & Sharing – Nov 18

Monday, Nov 18, EST

At 2:28pm Mercury Rx at 11:57 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 26:57 Sagittarius.

Jupiter only has a few weeks left in his own Sign of Sagittarius. Mercury is nearing his Direct Station at 11:35pm which exacts on Wed, Nov 20 at 2:12pm. What gets expressed today is going to be finalized on Nov 25 when Mercury Direct Semi-Squares Jupiter again at 13:24 Scorpio and 28:24 Sagittarius respectively.

Jupiter is a Higher-Minded energy, but with Mercury rather indecisive do to his Station, there may be too much flip-flopping to get the real message of this aspect: Be transparent and honest in order to fulfill your new spiritual philosophy. Mercury may be irritated (Semi-Square) by Jupiter’s higher-minded view. If you are speaking with a mentor, grandparent or senior parent, you will need to remember to be above board in all your communications.

At 4:25pm Venus at 21:10 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 21:10 Capricorn.

A productive energy between our desires and values and someone in authority that we share resources with. Or merely sexual attraction to someone in authority or a seasoned approach to seeking investment, etc. Relating to mentors, seniors or those you have legal dealings with is beneficial especially if you need to consider inheritance, taxes, child support, etc. Or kindness could allow you to acquire financial support of someone in authority.

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