Rising Above Separation Consciousness & Achieving Global Awareness – Nov 23-25

Very interesting few days with Venus and Jupiter Conjunct the Galactic Center. Can you SEE that ‘separation consciousness’ is the lie of the Mercury/3D mind? You will SEE things as ‘separate’ from yourself, but you will KNOW it is just an illusion of the 3D mind.

Saturday, Nov 23

About 1:45am Mercury at 12:07 Scorpio Semi-Squared the Galactic Center at 27:07 Sagittarius.

Maybe some challenging thoughts or words to rise above the double-minded, double-seeing 3D Mercury mind;)

About 11:30am Venus Conjuncted the Galactic Center at 27:07 Sagittarius.

Jupiter has already separated from his Conjunction, but is now carrying the expansiveness of this meeting forward into Capricorn realms in the next few weeks. Today we were able to feel some desires that this expansive void is bringing to our personal world. The GC in Sagittarius helps us to achieve a high enough perspective that we can allow our own duality to exist without tripping us up. With my laptop down, I wasn’t able to write sooner about it, but that was the best plan anyway as how could I fathom these Conjunctions without first letting the new awareness in. So look back at the weekend to see how you have been elevated to embrace all your dualities as your own; as a part of YOU. You are ONE with the Universe!

At 5:51pm Mercury at 12:26 Scorpio Semi-Squared Venus at 27:26 Sagittarius.

Maybe a bit of irritation, but with Venus Conjunct the GC, it wasn’t likely noticeable at all. You could have SEEN some of your Soulful desires manifest before you even though you weren’t sure you were ready for it (Semi-Square). Or you could see someone you desire with another (Mercury is duality), but with the GC involved, you can likely handle the fact there may be something completely platonic going on.

At 11:55pm the Sun at 1:36 Sagittarius Trined Chiron Rx at 1:36 Aries.

An ease in seeing our fear to initiate or our lack of motivation as something we can actually be grateful for. Some people we love are like ‘cats’ and we need to quit initiating things with them so they can get close enough on their own terms. Having Chiron in Aries DOES allow for us to more easily sit back and wait. Gratitude is the key here.

Sunday, Nov 24

At 8:33am Venus at 28:12 Sagittarius Conjuncted Jupiter at 28:12 Sagittarius.

Now we have our desires aligned with our new spiritual philosophy and sensing how to carry the values of the GC into our world as we move forward. Can we ‘love’ without ‘possessing’? That can be an important value moving forward as Jupiter/Sagittarius/GC allow us to RECONCILE our polarity. Are we REALLY separated from that other that is with our lover? How can you think that after the last 24 hours? There is lots of energy moving us out of the Baby-Boomer era of ‘marry once for life’ and with that comes the morphing of realities that we can vicariously take part in many ‘mirror’ or relating-ships.

At 11:51am Mars at 3:33 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 3:33 Taurus.

Can be an ‘accident-prone’ aspect, but choose to be aware enough to keep from acting too quickly here. Instead look for the inspiration around your motivations this morning to show you how to balance love and intimacy, touch and sex, your money and their money. What do you see through the contrast of this Opposition? It will show itself in your actions or a ‘man’ acting in some way.

At 6:53pm the Sun at 2:24 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 17:24 Capricorn.

Maybe a bit of irritation as Saturn reigns in some optimism or abundance feelings to remind us to be responsible to our authority and to focus on building new foundations that express our new spiritual philosophy.

Monday, Nov 25, AM

At 5:08am the Sun at 2:50 Sagittarius Biquintiles the North Node at 8:50 Cancer.

Now we get the effortless clarity around our new spiritual philosophy and how it supports our Soulful understanding of ‘family.’ Isn’t everyone ‘family’ on this big, spinning ball we call ‘Earth?’ How can we make it our goal to see family from a global perspective? This morning it will all be clear.

At 7:12am Mercury at 13:24 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 28:24 Sagittarius.

This is Part 4 in a 3-way between Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the GC that occurred over the weekend. Now we can express how our new spiritual philosophy is challenging our intimate thoughts and ideas. We may express some of our Mercury’s conscious mind needs to remember the big picture and global scope that Jupiter/Sagittarius AND the GC bring to our conscious mind.

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