Jupiter Ingresses Capricorn – Dec 2

There are 3 aspects on Monday but the biggest event is Jupiter Ingressing Capricorn. He will be there for a year and will bring some new leadership styles to our public circles. Mars and Venus will aspect the North Node on the same degree that Jupiter will on Jan 8. So look for some insight into Jupiter’s message.

Monday, Dec 2, EST

At 7:39am Mars at 8:43 Scorpio Trines the True North Node at 8:43 Cancer.

This is very supportive energy from family as you pursue some financial goals or intimate merging of the physical variety. Mars is in his element in Scorpio and knows how to put the moves on in intimate situations. He may also just want to merge what is ‘his’ with what is ‘yours’ for the benefit of family, of course;)

At 1:20pm Jupiter Ingresses Capricorn.

When an Outer Planet Ingresses a new Sign, it is a noticeable event for everyone. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius, the Sign he rules, since Nov 8, 2018. He has been bringing us through some new spiritual philosophies, a more global perspective, activity with seniors and mentors as well as increasing our optimism for what lies ahead. During his Transit in Sagittarius, he made mostly helpful aspects to the other Outer Planets, though you will likely remember his Squares to Neptune over the last year as challenging your sobriety and escapist tendencies. If you followed Jupiter’s lead, you have a better handle on how to manage such expansive subconscious energy.

Over the last year, Jupiter has been in a Semi-Sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect has been helping us to shape our leadership philosophy. What are the remarkable traits of a ‘good’ leader and what are the traits of an abusive or corrupt leader? Saturn is usually the leadership model to follow, but Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has been showing us the ‘shadow side’ of our public authority structures and political personalities. Saturn is going to hold us all accountable to calling out corruption in our public circles over the next 2+ months. But now Jupiter is blowing in with his philosophical and spiritual bent to help us elevate the discourse surrounding our circles of power. And he will be highlighting ‘global power’ which may be part and parcel of the impending Saturn/Pluto Conjunction.

We can not look at Jupiter in Capricorn in a vacuum and say he is going to do ‘this’ because there is SO MUCH energy in Capricorn right now: Pluto, Saturn, Eros, the South Node and Venus! The South Node is even bringing up past-life situations for those who are experiencing the Nodes of Fate Conjunct, Square or Opposite their Personal Planets.

Saturn wants to increase efficiency, Jupiter will increase engagement level and Pluto will bring the Transformation

When the market collapsed in 2008, many were wondering why some ‘banksters’ were never put on trial for some of their shenanigans. And we were backing our ‘debt’ (Pluto) to China with our land (Cancer). Well, Jupiter in Capricorn is going to be bringing some legal recourse against those who haven’t been accountable or responsible according to Saturn-style. Jupiter and Saturn are our 2 Interpersonal Planets so what is unfolding on the national and global (Jupiter) stage is also going to be happening to each of us with someone else or several others. Jupiter will call us on to ‘take the higher road.’ Don’t fight in the quagmire with those who are in 3D, but elevate your own consciousness (Jupiter) of power (Capricorn) and see how things start to fall into a new structure (Saturn). Don’t tolerate corruption. BE transparent, honest and then forgiving in all your exchanges. That is how a new order to actually achieved.

Yes, there will likely be some global challenges to our political and corporate structures during the next year. So watch and be responsible in your own part of the world. Anything that is good globally is merely a scalable ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ (Jupiter putting Gemini in a global perspective).

From now until Jan 12 when Saturn Conjuncts Pluto exacts, Jupiter will:

  1. Trine Uranus Rx on Dec 15 at 2:57 Capricorn/Taurus;
  2. Conjunct the Solar Eclipse of Dec 26 at 4:07 Capricorn
  3. Oppose the North Node on Jan 8 at 8:26 Cancer/Capricorn

At 8:31pm Venus at 8:44 Capricorn Opposes the True North Node at 8:44 Cancer.

Sunday was my ‘Venus Return’ Day at 7:58 Capricorn, but with the South Node Conjunct has been little resulting from it. Capricorn is also my 3rd House of communication by Sun Sign and there has been quite a bit of ‘draining’ communication from women that no doubts stems from past-life stuff. So you may see what area of life (by House) is experiencing some drain with women or resources today. Are you giving up some social status for the good of the family? Are your values around acquiring goods for the sake of ‘having’ surrendering to being more nurturing of others? All good questions for this time of year.

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