Moving Into the Vise Grip of Saturn & Pluto – Dec 4-7

There is only one aspect on Wednesday and then it will be pretty quiet until early Sunday morning. But over the weekend the Moon will Transit through Aries and Square the huge Stellium of Planets, Dwarf Planets and the South Node. So exact to have some intuition that will cause you to act on your feelings about what these Planets are up to. Saturn will close the gap to Pluto within 3 degrees over the next few days, too. This will feel like a vise grip occurring in the area of your life where you have 18-22 Capricorn.

Watch for clogged toilets! Pluto rules the bowels and Saturn is restricting. Your own pipes could get backed-up too so take some precaution now;) Be mindful if you see physical evidence (heart if Capricorn is your 5th House) of this and try to focus on what Saturn is showing you to focus on. Back issues are another big problem with this Conjunction.

At 5:05pm Mercury at 23:44 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 8:44 Cancer.

This is exactly the same degree and minute that Venus Opposed the North Node on Mon, Dec 2. So what gets expressed today will tie in with your values, desires and finances you were dealing with then. But today there is some adjustment you will need to make to your plans that will further your desires from Mon. Are you being honest and transparent? How are you spending your own money on family needs? Do your intimate partners approve of your use of resources on behalf of the family?

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