Sun Square Neptune & Jupiter Square Chiron – Dec 8

On Thursday we have the Full Moon at 19:52 Gemini which initiates the Eclipse Wormhole. We will be just 15 days from the Solar Eclipse of Dec 26 at 4:07 Capricorn with Jupiter Conjunct the Eclipse! Get ready for to assume a faster-pace to life that is more than just the usual Holiday rush.

At 4:00am the Sun at 15:57 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 15:57 Pisces.

The Square is always easy, but any time the Sun can shed some light on what Neptune is dissolving, its a helpful thing. The Sun is crossing over the degrees where Jupiter Squared Neptune over the last year so we can see clearly some of the lessons and learning associated with our addictions or avoidance tendencies. Are we applying our new spiritual philosophy to managing our subconscious fears?

At 4:48pm Venus at 15:58 Capricorn Sexiltes Neptune at 15:58 Pisces.

Venus is crossing over the degrees where Saturn was Sextile to Neptune over the last year. Our desires for power, authority and social status may be showing us some of what Saturn has been initiating in our lives. And it is working productively with our subconscious.

At 11:27pm Jupiter at 1:26 Capricorn Squares Chiron Rx at 1:26 Aries.

This is kind of a big thing right now. Jupiter in Square to Chiron can offer some healing and some spiritual support around the ways we are feeling insecure or unmotivated. It can be a bit too much optimism that is self-defeating right now too. But there is some silver-lining here if you can find it. Chiron is ready to Station Direct on Thursday on this same exact degree and minute so the message is important to receive. Be benevolent to those authority types and see how you can be less insecure for the moment.

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