Saturn Quintile Chiron & Jupiter Trine Uranus – Dec 14/15

Saturday, Dec 14, EST

At 2:01pm Saturn at 19:26 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 1:26 Aries.

This is 5th aspect made to Chiron at this exact same degree and minute: Jupiter on Dec 8; Mercury on Dec 10; Venus on Dec 11th; Mars last night and now Saturn. So that is 3 Personal Planets and both Interpersonal Planets. There is something significant going on between you and another person (or a few more). What is the message? Saturn is sitting in the Quintile that Pluto has made to Chiron over the last year. The Quintile is effortless, but with Chiron there is still likely something bittersweet about it. Today some authority might be involved in the issue you have been through over the last year. Pluto’s aspect could have been an authority, too, but Saturn will bring some structure to the situation. New boundaries, guidelines and the like may be coming through to help you with any insecurity or lack of motivation.

At 9:34pm Mercury at 8:24 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 8:24 Cancer.

There is some adjustment to our thoughts, words and ideas needed in order to create an ease with family members, seniors, etc. How are you applying your new spiritual philosophy to family matters? Are you expanding your concept of family to include those who aren’t blood relatives? Mercury deals in duality and separation consciousness but in Sagittarius he is elevated above his usual Karmic ways. Take this time to adjust your ideas into a higher realm of thought.

Sunday, Dec 15

At 6:22am Mercury at 8:57 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 2:57 Taurus.

Uranus is the only Planet still in Retrograde motion so he is in review mode. But this magical aspect puts Mercury in touch with 2 Higher-Minded energies so it is going to be very helpful in the way we see our spiritual selves in the Earthy realm of Taurus and the heavenly realm of Sagittarius at the same time. Is your philosophy one of abundance? While Uranus may have you feeling like you are ‘going without’ are you not surprised by the many ways you are provided for at any given moment? This energy is juxtaposed to the feeling of restriction around intimacy and shared resources that Saturn Conjunct Pluto might be bringing up. Use this energy and awareness to help you navigate through the financial restructuring Saturn and Pluto are going to bring up in our public sectors. Look for shocking and unexpected ways to acquire and distribute resources.

At 2:01pm Jupiter at 2:57 Capricorn Trines Uranus Rx at 2:57 Taurus.

Of course this aspect has been in orb for a week or more now. Jupiter is newly in Capricorn and we are just getting used to understanding what his intentions are here in this Sign. Jupiter will be Conjunct the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26 with Uranus Trine as well. So this aspect is going to be staying with us for a bit longer. Make the best use of it that you can. Try to see which Houses are being affected by it in your chart so you can really appreciate this aspect.

Jupiter is going to be bringing in some legal dealings to anyone who has been misusing their public authority. Uranus is working on leveling out the shared resources to be more equitable for all. So there is great potential in this aspect at the moment. Look for revelation to pour in on Sunday as Jupiter rules Mercury in the above aspect as well. Uranus is lighting up our way forward when he provides us with some flashes of insight. Jupiter is telling us to stick to the higher path. And if there be legal issues make sure any punishment is fair and restores equilibrium. Now is not the time for revenge, but for forgiveness and healing too.

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