Buckle Up in the Wormhole! – Dec 16

Monday, Dec 16, EST

This morning we are less than 10 days from the Solar Eclipse at 4:07 Capricorn which exacts at 12:13am on Dec 26. You may be feeling the ‘Rapid Change’ building as we are in the Wormhole and won’t be through the rapid part of the change until the Jan 24 New Moon at 4:22 Aquarius. Buckle up, Bitches! We are all in for an adventure with Jupiter Conjunct the Eclipse;)

At 12:38pm Mars at 18:09 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 3:09 Capricorn.

Jupiter is less than a degree away from the Solar Eclipse degree and will cross over the exact degree ahead of the Eclipse of Dec 26. Mars is bringing up the rear of the Personal Planets and showing us our motivations AFTER we have realized our desires, plans and clarity around intimacy and financial sharing situations. But our actions today may irritate a senior or authority type that wants us to slow down and consider what we are merging ourselves with. Mars wants to try something, but you may not think it is prudent at this time;)

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