Putting the Final Touches on the Holiday Eclipse – Dec 23/24

By Monday evening we are into some very productive energy building up to the Solar Eclipse and the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. I will write tomorrow about the Eclipse, but you are moving into it already and are likely feeling the pull! Buckle up!!

At 10:17am the Sun at 1:29 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 1:29 Aries.

While a Square can be tough, we needed to see something clearly this morning and now we can set our goals to move forward. Gratitude is always a helpful response to elevating this energy into something useful.

At 10:08pm Mercury at 22:08 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 22:08 Capricorn.

This is a bit of an early glimpse about what the impending Saturn/Pluto Conjunction holds in store for us. How can you use your new spiritual philosophy to navigate through the need to be very accountable in intimate situations. Saturn Conjunct Pluto is a ‘pressure-cooker’ for ‘responsible integrity’ so be mindful to use the utmost integrity in your dealings and plans.

Tuesday, Dec 24

At 12:51am Venus at 4:53 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 4:53 Capricorn.

Another Semi-Sextile that is minor, but productive. Here the 2 Healing Planets are helping us to be optimistic and fair in our political and social circles. Can you find a way to lend a helping hand to someone in need? Can you initiate structures that will do so on a larger scale? That’s the expansive side of this aspect.

At 3:30am Saturn reaches 20:31 Capricorn and clears his Shadow from his Retrograde cycle. Up ahead is all new territory.

At 8:28am Mars at 23:24 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 8:24 Cancer.

Here our motivations to merge intimately and financially needs an adjustment to our family purpose in order to create an ease. Are you keeping family in mind at this time as you pursue your primal drives? Adjust your actions to create the ease.

At 1:31pm Venus at 5:32 Aquarius Quintiles Mars at 23:32 Scorpio.

A very nice magical/5D aspect between our male and female energies or between men and women. Venus is seeking to be philanthropic in her socializing with groups and acquaintances or strangers. Mars in seeking financial backing or a passionate release. Here the energy is effortless and men and women can work to secure financial backing for groups or take action to meet obtain some financial support for their values and universal principals.

At 4:44pm the Sun at 2:47 Capricorn Trines Uranus Rx at 2:47 Taurus.

Easy inspiration for career goal-setting. Unexpected resources may be available to obtain those goals. Or you could find what you value is changing so you are looking at new career paths to pursue. Whatever it is, it is electrifying and clarifying as pieces can seem to fall into place out of the blue.

At this point we are 19.5 hours from the Solar Eclipse!! We are in the eye of the Wormhole!!

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