Solar Eclipse at 4:07 Capricorn Conjunct Jupiter, Quintile Neptune & Trine Uranus – Dec 25/26

There is one minor aspect just after midnight on Christmas, but the next 24 hours will be all about the Moon applying to the Sun to create the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4:07 Capricorn. The Solar Eclipse is also Square to Chiron, must a looser orb. However, the Eclipse aspects our 3 Higher Mind Planets offering us so much assistance in bringing our spiritual philosophy/leadership perspectives into our public realms of power. Its about time to change the political system.

Wednesday, Dec 25, EST

At 12:53am Mercury at 23:51 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Mars at 23:51 Capricorn.

There will be some expression, thought or idea that shows your motivations and how they are aligning with your new spiritual/global philosophy, your sense of optimism and abundance. How can intimacy enhance your optimism? How can sharing resources increase your ideas of abundance?

Thursday, Dec 26

At 12:13am the Moon at 4:07 Capricorn Conjuncts the Sun at 4:07 Capricorn creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses bring ‘Rapid Change’ and a ‘Fresh Start’ in the area of life where you have 4:07 Capricorn in your Natal Chart. Solar Eclipses are very potent energy for roughly the next 6 months and even beyond. It is said that for every minute of the ‘exact’ Eclipse, the Solar Eclipse lasts for an equal number of years. Big and Rapid Changes have lasting effects. Especially when in a Public Sign, like Capricorn.

Capricorn rules the public structures of our lives. It is the foundations of our career and social status that are up for re-vamping right now. Of course, this is not the first Eclipse across this axis as they have been occurring for the last 18 months across the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. The Nodes of Fate show where the axis where the Eclipses will be occurring and so we have the North Node at 8+ Cancer right now, placing the South Node in Capricorn. We also have Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, Transiting his own Sign, Pluto, Jupiter and now the Sun and Moon here as well. It is as if the entire Solar System is tipped to half of the Zodiac Wheel from Uranus in Taurus and then Mars in Scorpio, the Capricorn Stellium; Venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries. Houses 8-2 are occupied by our Major Planets.

But this Eclipse is fortunate, optimistic for the most part and is advancing ideas of legal issues, seniors, spiritual philosophies applied to our public sectors of authority and the like as Jupiter is Conjunct the Sun and Moon at this Eclipse. Adventure can await us as Uranus is in Trine to the Eclipse adding to the unexpected good fortune overall. Which we NEED as Saturn and Pluto are narrowing their orb to their upcoming Conjunction of Jan 12.

You have likely been feeling what change is coming over the last month or especially the last 2 weeks of the ‘Wormhole’. From the Solar Eclipse we will move right into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Jan 10 at 20:00 Cancer. If you are considering some career changes, you may be giving your 2-week notice at the time of the Lunar Eclipse. Or you may decide to ‘retire’ as Jupiter rules retirement, insurance, etc. Of course the rest of us may be feeling somewhat optimistic about the changing up ahead thanks to Jupiter and Uranus’ aspects to the Eclipse. Chiron is loosely Square the Eclipse so with any luck it shouldn’t be too painful. But the Sun was Square to Chiron at the Winter Solstice and that chart also affects us over the next 90 days… so there could be some lack of motivation or insecurity at play in the background. Recognize it and seek to rise above it, Jupiter-style.

At 1:21am the Sun at 4:10 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 16:10 Pisces.

The Moon would have moved through this same aspect just minutes following the Eclipse so now the Sun is bringing clarity here. This Quintile is in tight orb at the Eclipse and will certainly lend us subconscious ‘magic’ to some of the changes we want to make as a result of the Eclipse. The Sun will shine the light into the shroud of fog that Neptune typically presents us with and we can magically SEE some new horizons that this Eclipse will be bringing to us!

By Friday afternoon the Sun will Conjunct Jupiter which is often considered one of the most fortunate days of the year! So there is some great support to this Fresh Start Rapid Change!

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