Luckiest Day of the Year – Dec 26/27

The Solar Eclipse has exacted and we may know what the Fresh Start Rapid Change will be for us. It also usually wraps up the last Eclipse cycle from the Solar Eclipse of Jul 2 at 10:38 Cancer. We are setting new goals now that have to do with career, social status, our use of power and authority as well as our collective political, financial and corporate structures.

Thursday, Dec 26, EST, pm

At 9:09pm Venus at 8:23 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 8:23 Cancer.

The North Node in Cancer has been bringing us Soulful Lessons around Cancer areas of life: mom, home, family, nurturing, land and emotional roots. Venus in Aquarius is shaking up our desires around our own resources. We are feeling more philanthropic, social and valuing group-think. So there is an adjustment here between these very different energies. Aquarius values groups but also the uniqueness of each of us and our freedom to be ourselves. Families are Karmic and don’t usually value our individual freedom or our bizarre uniqueness. So you can see how something needs to be adjusted here.

Friday, Dec 27

At 1:25pm the Sun at 5:42 Capricorn Conjuncts Jupiter at 5:42 Capricorn.

Usually considered the ‘luckiest’ day for all of us, this aspect is sure to show us a bit more about what is ahead via the Eclipse. Jupiter was Conjunct the Sun and Moon at the Eclipse and is bringing good fortune, spiritual philosophy, higher consciousness to the realm of political and power circles. Are you planning a vacation to get away from all of the BS in our public circles? Or to travel to a foreign place to better understand your own political system. Or are you merely more optimistic about everything? An Eclipse in Capricorn is a Fresh Start in Capricorn areas of life. Jupiter is a Transpersonal Planet so you and another are likely involved in your new optimism and hoping to apply it in public ways. Whatever you are seeing today, it is enhanced by Jupiter’s good fortune and big-picture view.

Look to the House where you have 5+ Capricorn to see WHO is helping you feel more optimistic. Who is wanting to travel with you? Or who is sharing their spiritual philosophy or preferred leadership styles with you to chart a new course forward?

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