Mercury Joins the Stellium in Capricorn – Dec 28

At 11:55pm EST on Saturday night Mercury will join Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Eros and Ceres in Capricorn. That is a LOT of energy around authority, power, career objectives, bread-winning and father-like energy.

But now that our conscious (3D) mind is in the Sign we will begin to think and speak about what all the other Planets have been doing since Ingressing this Sign. Mercury helps us to SEE the results of the other Planetary energies as he is ‘the lens’ to our SEEN world. Though he does make the world black and white through his Duality, he offers us this 3D human experience. Use your Higher Mind energies to see the real truth from the Soul’s perspective.

We can anticipate more ‘headline’ political, banking and corporate news with Mercury in Capricorn. He will likely ramp up the ‘rhetoric’ that is the duality of his double-mindedness. So let the show begin. As he closes the gap with Jupiter, he will expand the communications, but also offer us a reconciliation of the duality as well as we choose new leadership styles for the authority we are wielding or following.

He first order of business will be a Square to Chiron which exacts at 11:58pm EST on Sunday night at 1:24 Capricorn and Aries respectively. This will make the words hurtful and they will/can cut deep into some recent insecurity you have been feeling. But this will apply to EACH of us and ALL of us at the same time as Aries rules the self. Maybe the words will actually provide you with some motivation to ACT as Chiron in Aries is making it more difficult to act on our own best interests.

From this Square to Chiron, Mercury will move through a Trine to Uranus on Mon (Dec 20) and then Quintile Neptune at 5:10pm on Tue (Dec 31). 2019 ends on a magical note with this aspect and Venus Biquintile the North Node.

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