Insecurity Changes to Inspiration – Dec 29/30

Sunday, Dec 29, EST

At 11:58pm Mercury at 1:34 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 1:34 Aries.

There is some hurtful words or insecurity that results in not following through with your plans right now. You may have decided to communicate with someone, but you are not sure your message will come across as you are intending it. Mercury is already in orb of a Trine to Uranus so he may get some flash of insight that helps him through any insecurity or wounding around communication.

Monday, Dec 30

At 4:53am the Sun at 8:24 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 8:24 Cancer.

The Moon rules Cancer and so there is a bit of oppositional energy that might feel like a Full Moon. Our public and career goals and purpose (Sun) need to strike a balance with our feelings and needs at home (Moon). We have been experiencing this energy for over the last year via the Eclipses across this axis. The North Node says to put family first and the South Node agrees by helping you feel a bit drained by all the demands around your career goals. However, the Solar Eclipse initiated some ‘fresh start’ in the Sign of career and so you are going to see how to enjoy this fresh start AND balance needs at home as well.

At 5:22pm Mercury at 2:42 Capricorn Trines Uranus Rx at 2:42 Taurus.

Easy out-of-the-box thinking flashes through your mind and it will help you to express yourself and make plans for the fresh start of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. In Capricorn, Mercury makes plans to ‘bring home the bacon’. He is looking to sign some contracts that allow him to do just that. He is inspired by Uranus, but Uranus has been shaking up our desires to acquire and causing our usual resources to be ‘up in the air’ with less consistency that we are used to. We are more willing to ‘share’ what we have with others or to just ‘gift’ them in some unexpected ways. How can this affect our career goals? Would we be willing to take less on our contracting terms? Is there a way to help others if we do secure a larger amount in our contracts? Whatever it is that you decide, you will be doing so from a position of being more equitable and that can be worth more in enhancing your purpose in your positions of power.

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