Magical New Year’s Eve – Dec 31

While this year has seen many ‘quiet stay-cations’ (Jupiter in Capricorn Conjunct the Solar Eclipse of Dec 26), New Year’s Eve is likely to be more of the same, too. But this afternoon we do have 2 magical aspects helping us to get into the mood of celebrating.

Tuesday, Dec 31, EST

At 3:00pm Mercury crosses 4:07 Capricorn, the degree of the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse.

You may hear something that tells you what this Eclipse cycle will be all about. Or you will begin making plans that are part of the ‘Fresh Start’ it promised.

At 5:10pm Mercury at 4:16 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 16:16 Pisces.

This aspect brings deep conscious harmony to the surface. Some plans you are making will just flow effortlessly into the night. You may have started the day unsure of what you want to do, but there is a great chance for spontaneity that will turn the night around for you. Use your imagination to make this a special evening and a great start to 2020!

At 6:34pm Venus at 14:23 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 8:23 Capricorn.

Our desires to socialize will be received effortlessly by our family or we may include all of them in the celebration. Our new desires are aligning with the Soulful lessons around Cancer things. We are able to nurture more and discipline less. And we may magically appear very glamorous with just some old ‘rags’ of hand-me-downs from a family member, or your own Fairy Godmother. Anything is possible as this aspect merges with the one above so let your imagination run away with you… and your friends!

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