Mercury Meets Jupiter & We’re In the Wormhole and Pressure Cooker – Jan 2/3

From Solar Eclipse to Lunar Eclipse

As of today we are just 8 days before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20:00 Cancer, deep in the wormhole. This Eclipse is in tight orb to the ‘Pressure Cooker’ of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction (exacting on Jan 12).

Eclipses, and especially Lunar Eclipses, are endings of things. If you have a family member just hanging on, prepare yourself to let them leave the Earthly plane. Or if you have been obsessed with someone, you may finally be able to break that bond. The lead up the Lunar Eclipse will have family members gathering for the climax of the Eclipse. It is also very possible some of the family will be on the sidelines and not engaged as some family member may have been playing Pluto since 2008. They can be blocking of inheritance to someone in the family as the Pluto-type has been manipulating the shared resources of family members for a few years now. There are many ways this can play out. Email me or text me 704-488-0204 to schedule a Reading. There is an upside as Jupiter moves through the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction over the next year.

Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Leos and some Leo Risings will be looking at health problems: blocked colon, colon cancer (if Saturn hits things in a hard way otherwise), daily disruptions, etc. For Scorpios it can be a ‘dead car’ as Capricorn is our 3rd House of transportation. For all of us there are challenges to sewer lines, clogged toilets, blood clots and the like. Look for what awareness you can bring to the situation and resolve the physical issues as easily as possible. All these energies are telling us something: financial restructuring, debt consolidation, initiating new financial and social status, but the highest is to be responsible to intimacy. Be transparent, be response-able to others’ needs and be accountable to your own use of power and authority.

Thursday, Jan 2, EST

At 7:56am Venus at 16:18 Aquarius Semi-Sextiled Neptune at 16:18 Pisces.

A minor aspect, but it can never hurt when its somewhat productive. Venus is in a Higher-Mind energy in Aquarius and Neptune IS a Higher-Mind Planet so this was likely not about your usual earthy attractions, but something more profound. You may have realized how your desires are changing and are able to embrace it without hesitation.

At 11:41am Mercury at 7:04 Capricorn Conjuncts Jupiter at 7:04 Capricorn.

A new cycle begins between these 2 Planets. As they are both in Capricorn, their new cycle will involve career matters, bread-winning abilities and plans, your own use of authority or leadership and applying our new spiritual/global philosophy in public circles of power. You may be able to express what this all means today or you will have some mental ideas come to you that elevate the conversation above the usual political debate.

At 2:29pm Venus at 16:38 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 1:38 Aries.

Some irritation but as Venus is a Healing Planet, it can work out for the best. Any inspiration or revelation will assist us in seeing things from the Soul’s perspective and accepting it. Aquarius is freedom AND Fixed Air (aka Fixed Ideas). Chiron in Aries though can be insecurity in asserting our Aquarian values (Venus/values). Or we may lack the motivation/conviction to act on these ideas. Aquarius rules acquaintances and the social network/groups of people. We may find it hard to be our usual social self at this time. Chiron in Aries is Transiting my 11th House and I have been having trouble remembering all my acquaintances names (1st House/Aries thing) when I see them! This some of that energy. So you may have to ‘wing’ it and go forward without use of ‘names’. Thankfully, this is fast-moving energy.

Friday, Jan 3

At 4:36am Mars Ingresses Sagittarius.

Mars was at home in Scorpio, but now he will delve into the higher consciousness of Sagittarius. He will be pursuing adventure, vacations, spiritual quests and initiating action with seniors, mentors, college-related things and foreigners. Sagittarius is a fellow Water Sign to Mars’ Sign of Aries. So he is very comfortable taking action over the next 6 weeks. He will be ‘acting’ in accordance with our new spiritual/global philosophy and leadership styles.

At 7:42am Mercury at 8:23 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 8:23 Cancer.

This puts Mercury on the South Node… the ‘letting go’ energy of the Nodes of Fate. On Jan 8 Jupiter will move in to exact his Opposition to the North Node. But right now he is already in orb. The North Node has been sitting at 8:23 Cancer for a few months now! Yes, lingering and waiting for the Lunar Eclipse to clear the air, resolve the issue and get us moving forward. Today you may hear words that suggest it will be time to move forward. OR you could hear that you need to get a plane ticket to be with family at this time. The focus is on family and land with less focus on social status and career for the moment.

There are no aspects on Sunday, but we are moving steadily towards a major Stellium at 221-22 Capricorn which will occur from Jan 10 (at the Lunar Eclipse) through the Jan 12 and the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. On Jan 10 we will have the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 19:50 Capricorn, in tight orb to Saturn and Pluto.

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