Saturn Conjunct Pluto Equals Men Going Their Own Way – Jan 4

As I am writing this at about 10:40am EST on Saturday morning, Saturn has just 10 minutes to travel to reach 22 degrees Capricorn placing him in a very tight orb to Pluto. The pressure is about to reach a major boiling point soon enough.

I happened to catch another Astrologer’s post titled by the same name as this one and she said that is what Mars in Sagittarius reminds her of. But I was intrigued by the title because I have known for a long time that marriage is pretty much ‘over’ for the next few decades anyway, But I don’t watch TV so I hadn’t heard about this movement. Though, of course, I FELT it! THAT is 5D awareness… to live your life in meditation with the Planetary energies.

But this energy is more so coming from the Pressure Cooker of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction that is Square the last Square/Pluto Conjunction of Nov 5, 1982 at 27:36 Libra.

Those born near the last Conjunction were going through the divorces of the parents and vowing to either be better at ‘marriage’ and relationship or never to get married in the first place. But the prevailing energy of the Baby-Boomers with their Neptune in Libra most everyone trying to hold to their ideal of ‘marry once for life.

Since 2008 Pluto’s Ingression into Capricorn put him Square to the Neptune of the Baby-Boomers, literally killing their dream or ideal. Even Baby-Boomers began divorcing in rather large numbers!

Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Libra was destruction/transformation (Pluto) of relationship (Libra) structures/responsibility (Saturn). Libra is about reciprocity of yourself (Aries) to another (Libra). Now as Saturn and Pluto Conjunct again on Jan 12, 2020 at 22:47 Capricorn, they will be Square to their Conjunction aspect of 1982. This time men or ‘father-like’ energy (Saturn/Capricorn) are leaving their homes (Cancer) to go their own way. Pluto has been challenging everything that Cancer rules since he Ingressed Capricorn in 2008. ‘Mothering’ and home energy are being transformed by the contrast of men and women going their separate ways. Saturn Conjunct Pluto can be destroying men’s responsibility to families. The burden has been too much for too long.

And as I’ve written many other times, the 20-somethings have been going through Pluto Conjunct their Natal Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn bringing ‘drastic change’ (Pluto Conjunct Uranus) and ‘killing their ideal/dream’ (Pluto Conjunct Neptune) with both these Planets in Capricorn. And Pluto is not done yet. As I have said to many of these 20-somethings, sex is so easy for them they will make it irrelevant! Definitely not something that requires marriage!! lol Or any other type of ‘label’ attached to it.

What will be interesting to watch is what Jupiter will bring as he crosses over this degree on or about Mar 20. In the meantime, Saturn will Ingress Aquarius on Mar 21 and begin Squaring the Neptune of those who have Neptune in Scorpio (late 1950s-1983/84). But once Pluto Ingresses Aquarius in 2024, he will begin destroying their ideal/dream of an intimate situation with sharing of resources. It will truly be EVERYONE for THEMSELVES! ‘A Brave New World!’ (Aldous Huxley)

Of course, Uranus has been plowing the field of Fixed Earth Taurus, and will continue through that time, loosening up many things that have been fixed for too long.

And so it goes! The ‘end’ of child support could be on the near horizon as Jupiter crosses over the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. Its ludicrous to apply old Baby-Boomer thought constructs (totally 3D, btw) to a era where we have a ‘morning-after pill’, many modes of contraception, and women totally putting the moves on men! Responsibility (Saturn) for sex (Pluto) will not be laid at the man’s feet any longer if Jupiter and Uranus have their way. Though it may take the next 18+ years for that to finally culminate. It is interesting to note that the next Saturn/Pluto Opposition will lie across the Leo/Aquarius axis bringing children more directly into the mix. You may recall the last Saturn/Pluto Opposition of 2001 and 9/11 across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis (local vs global).

I could write for days about all of the awareness coming around this Conjunction and more, but I hope this is enough to help you FEEL more of the long-range cycles of time that impact ALL of us. To get a more personal insight, schedule a Reading. I am happy to do them by donation of any amount your awareness suggests (Uranian response, donation, to Uranian awareness, Astrology).

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