3-Way of Venus, Jupiter & North Node & De-Escalation – Jan 8

Everyone is aware of some big event occurring right now in both their personal lives and on the public scene. The Pressure Cooker is bringing our focus down to a common ground so that we can begin to work on putting new authority structures in place as Saturn prepares to leave Capricorn, the Sign he rules, on Mar 21. We all know what the story-line is in our own lives and the global one that needs some pressure release to keep things in check. Saturn can provide that check. Whereas Mars and Pluto can escalate things in big ways, Saturn wants to contain things… like a ‘controlled demolition’ of our current structures. But the Lunar Eclipse is bound to amp the emotional drama around things so take heed now to seek to de-escalate instead.

At 2:31am Venus at 23:21 Aquarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 8:21 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of the 3-way aspect. Maybe some irritation, but with both Healing Planets involved it is likely to be helpful. Venus is updating her desires to go with the new trends of Aquarius and Jupiter is emphasizing new leadership styles that are more spiritual and philosophical rather than dictatorial. Sure, there can be a clash of these 2 areas of life, but the friction will help us fine-tune some things. Universal use of resources and thinking of the big picture in the ways we initiate new authority structures.

At 4:05m Venus at 23:26 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 8:26 Cancer.

From irritation to adjustment that can create an ease as Venus’ new values need to adjust to Soulful nurturing and universal use of resources and land. Can we extend our family to our larger social network? We have been doing that via Facebook for sometime now, but now we can actually desire more family interaction within groups. Once we adjust our desires, we will fall into the ease of the Ses-Square.

At 8:03am Mercury at 16:26 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 16:26 Pisces.

The Sun just made this aspect to Neptune early on Tuesday and now Mercury will help us to express the subconscious clarity that we received then. Or you may receive the message via a dream and wake up with some new plans that align with the Sextiles between Saturn and Neptune in 2019. What is dissolving in your life so you can create new foundations to build on that allow you to achieve some success?

At 11:08am Jupiter at 8:26 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 8:26 Cancer.

How does our new leadership philosophy contrast with our needs to nurture and focus on family? Can we include more family needs into the foundations of our career and public authorities? Since 2008 Pluto has been showing us the shadow side of our authority-types and their corruption. Jupiter is the grandparent who looks out for the family and this aspect could take us towards keeping our values of mom and family in our public situations. When mom and dad don’t work well together (Cancer/Capricorn axis) there is usually some abuse of power or smothering by mother going on. Saturn’s Conjunction with Pluto is holding us all accountable to being a ‘good father’ in our discipline of the family and the boundaries that we set. There needs to be a balance and Jupiter is the best one to help us strike this balance across this axis. But a ‘senior’ in the family stepping in and sorting things out. This can also be legal situations, but if it doesn’t support nurturing ways of reform, Jupiter will not accept it. Seek your highest integrity in your personal, family and public situations now.

There are no major aspects between the Transiting Planets on Thursday, but there are 7 big events on Friday so I will be breaking it down over the next 2 days!!

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