Superior Conjunction, Lunar Eclipse & Uranus Stations Direct – Jan 10

About 3:44am on Thursday, Jan 9, EST, the Moon Ingresses Cancer and we can begin to feel the energy of the impending Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that exacts on Friday at 2:21pm at 20:00 Cancer. The Moon is our feelings and hidden hide of ourselves and the Sun is our ego, purpose/goals and public side of ourselves. Before the Eclipse exacts, the Moon will Square Chiron, Conjunct the North Node, Oppose Jupiter, Trine Neptune and Oppose Mercury and the Sun. Shortly after the Eclipse, the Moon will Oppose Saturn and Pluto. Our feelings will be put through the wringer before we SEE how we really FEEL as the Eclipse exacts. And then the Moon will still Oppose Saturn and Pluto… the Pressure Cooker!

Friday, Jan 10, EST

At 9:36am the Sun at 19:48 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 1:48 Aries.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way between Mercury, Sun and Chiron. Both the Sun and Mercury will Quintile Chiron and then meet in their Superior Conjunction to each other. It will be quite difficult to detect each of the aspects as they are occurring so close together. But the Sun and Chiron in a magical aspect will have our insecurity and lack of motivation suspended so we can set bold new goals for our career, social status and any political issues may be clarified as well.

At 9:52am Mercury 19:48 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 1:48 Aries.

Now we can expect some expressions, thoughts and plans to be made around the things the goals we just clarified. Collectively, Friday morning’s headlines may be quite Soulful in scope and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

At 10:19am Mercury at 19:50 Capricorn Conjuncts the Sun at 19:50 Capricorn.

This is the linch-pin aspect of the 3-way. When the Sun and Mercury are Conjunct (which occurs 7 times in 2020) it is a pretty rare day when we are clear about our thoughts and ideas and our plans are in sync with real-time. The other days, Mercury can have those in 3D consciousness tripping themselves up as they get carried away by Mercury’s fickleness and trickster ways. But the Quintile to Chiron could be very helpful as it could keep insecurities at a minimum and we could be motivated to start work on our clear plans and to speak our truth without hesitation.

At 11:31am Mercury at 19:55 Capricorn Semi-Squares Mars at 4:55 Sagittarius.

This could be at play throughout the morning and though you are clear about your plans and goals and ready to sign on the dotted line, there could be some irritation from a mentor, pastor, senior, foreigner who’s actions catch you off guard. Do your best to keep your focus on your own plans. If your plans are not staying in sync with your spiritual philosophy, you may take an action and realize you can to work through something.

At 1:43am the Sun at 19:59 Capricorn Semi-Squares Mars at 4:55 Sagittarius.

Now we have some clarity around what is irritating us and can keep it from becoming more of an issue. Mars will be in orb of a Semi-Square to Saturn on Pluto as they exact their Conjunction on Sunday so the clarity of today could help you in managing the irritation before it gets too far out of hand.

At 2:21pm the Moon at 20:00 Cancer Opposes the Sun at 20:00 Capricorn creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are emotional reset buttons. If there is something/someone you need to get over, this may be your window to do just that. Watch the exact time of the Eclipse and see how your FEELINGS literally are reset. You don’t even have to work at it. Suddenly you are ‘so OVER’ something/someone. Or you may realize the Fresh Start of the Solar Eclipse and give your 2-weeks notice at work, or your 30-day notice to move. Or you may be ready to set off on a new career trajectory and now you see exactly how you feel about it and it isn’t so scary and you are ready. Lunar Eclipses effects last roughly 2-4 weeks and it is usually something ‘ending’ or culminating so you have room for something new to take its place.

At 8:48pm Uranus at 2:39 Taurus Stations Direct.

Just in time for the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction on Sunday now we have Uranus moving forward again. That is ALWAYS a welcome thing! When he is Direct, his revelations and inspirations seem so new and fresh and exhilarating. On this final pass through 2:39-6:37 Taurus Uranus will be helping us to make the changes he showed us on the 1st pass but we may not have gotten around to doing it yet. Now is the time. Uranus’ Direct Stations are always packed with lots of good energy and flashes on insight so look for that to come through your throat chakra in some way.

Saturday is quiet as we wait for Mercury to Conjunct Saturn and Pluto 6 hours ahead of their exact Conjunction to each other. Its going to be an interesting weekend!!

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