Reality Check – Jan 13

On Monday the Sun follows Mercury through the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction as it is separating. We are just a few days past the Lunar Eclipse so we still may be absorbing what are feeling were at that time. The New Moon on Jan 24 at 4:22 Aquarius will end the Eclipse Wormhole and the pace of things is going to slow down. Uranus is still moving slowly out of his Direct Station and we are still in review mode around changes to our own resources.

At 8:20am EST the Sun at 22:48 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto.

This is just one minute passed the exact Conjunction with Saturn. We are going to understand more clearly any communication, headlines or thoughts we had at the exact Conjunction on Sunday. What goals can we set now as the Sun initiates a new cycle with Pluto? How are we going to be response-able to our intimate partners’ authority? Or to the way we use our own authority with others we share resources with.

At 10:16am the Sun at 22:53 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 22:53 Capricorn.

Now the Sun starts a new cycle with Saturn but it is not separate from the energy of Pluto so the reality of the next year is going to be about the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. All of our public structures, politics, career objectives and social status is tied up with the energy of both Saturn and Pluto. Our reality AND our conscious mind, Mercury, met both these 2 Planets at 22 degrees of Capricorn. We will be with this energy and having to work through it over the next year. It will affect our plans and our goals. So try to get very clear about what you are ‘seeing’ clearly on Monday because it is very significant.

At 1:39pm Venus Ingresses Pisces.

With our desires changed to be more universal with others, we will now go through the next few weeks with Venus dissolving some desires in order to give birth to some new ones as she Ingresses Aries on Feb 7. In Pisces our desires may bring up some subconscious fears that we need to address. We must have faith about the state of our own resources as we may feel that things are not as tangible as they usually are.

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