Venus, Mars & Uranus – Jan 15/16

By Thursday morning Mars is moving out of the irritation with authorities (Saturn & Pluto) aspects and into a double-magic aspect with Uranus providing us with inspiration to follow our new spiritual philosophy and/or global perspective.

Wednesday, Jan 15, PM, EST

At 6:18pm Venus at 2:40 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 2:40 Taurus.

Venus will meet with Uranus just before Mars. Venus rules Taurus so she rules Uranus right now. Changed desires and changes to earned income or available resources has been Uranus’ trademark in Taurus. Now Venus is deep-diving into Neptune to dissolve some of our old desires and to bring some new desires to the surface with her when she Ingresses Aries on Feb 7. This productive aspect will likely be some deep (Higher-Minded energy of Pisces) revelation on how our desires need to change to align with the shake-up Uranus has been bringing in Venus’ Fixed Earth energy of Taurus. Her new cycle once she reached Aries may be to level-the-playing-field and to more equally distribute ‘wealth’ and our collective (Uranus) assets (Venus/Taurus). Today we can see how being charitable and giving is more in line with Uranus’ universal ideals.

Thursday, Jan 16

At 12:23am Mars at 8:40 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus at 2:40 Taurus.

Mars is Transiting another Higher-Minded energy in Sagittarius and he meets Uranus (the 3rd Higher Minded energy) at the exact same degree and minute as Venus. Our desires and our motivations are about to align for the greater good. Uranus will provide Mars the revelation to know how to better apply his spiritual philosophy around use of collective resources and assets as well. But on a more personal level, you may find yourself acting to give away some of your resources for the benefit of someone else fortunate and you can see why Uranus controls currency. Because the more you give away; the more you have. When Uranus is involved, you can expect your usual way of acquiring to change and you need to look for unexpected ways that you can receive what you need. Mars is ready to act, effortlessly, on these surprising revelations and to help those around him. After the authorities frowned on his efforts yesterday, he may playing a kind of ‘Robin Hood’ character to level the playing field;)

While yesterday Mars may have been stopped in his actions, today he is compelled to act and the results are magical.

At 1:31pm Mercury Ingresses Aquarius.

Our 3D, conscious mind is off getting ahead of himself and the Sun again. But he will be Transiting through Aquarius and be truly inspired and guided by Higher-Mind energy. So this is a nice thing. He will plan to be more universal in his dealings and wanting to work with the group mindset for the good of all. He will speak unexpectedly and what he says could be shocking and surprising, but never dull. Over the next 30 days he will travel 42+ degrees and Retrograde on Feb 15 at 12:53 Pisces and will return to 28:13 Aquarius as part of his Rx cycle.

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