All Planetary Bodies are DIRECT & Mercury is in the Hot Seat – Jan 17/18

Look at a current chart right now and you will see that NO Planetary body is Retrograde right now (at least not the ones I pay attention to). That’s kind of amazing. Of our Major Planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are on the final pass (3rd) of their last Retrograde cycle. So there is something we are finalizing with each of these Planets now. Saturn and Jupiter are in new territory and neither will be returning to these same degrees in May when they both Station Retrograde. Mars Ingressed Sagittarius on Jan 3 and is now just clearing the Shadow of his 2016 Retrograde cycle at 8:54 Sagittarius. This is his first Transit in Sagittarius since early March 2018. Mars will Retrograde this year from 15:14 to 28:08 Aries. Venus is far ahead of the Sun as she will Retrograde from 5:20 to 21:50 in Gemini Stationing Retrograde on May 13. Mercury will Retrograde on Feb 16 at 12:53 Pisces. But for now, all energies are focused ahead which is a very unique time.

Friday, Jan 17, EST

At 1:05pm Mercury at 1:40 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 16:40 Pisces.

His first aspect from Aquarius is a one that can be unexpected (Aquarius) subconscious words popping out at the worst time (Semi-Square) probably. But it will be very revelatory as well and often once the sting passes, all are thankful for the insight to make a needed change in direction.

At 6:08pm Mercury at 2:01 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 2:01 Aries.

A more helpful aspect as Mercury encounters Chiron. We can more easily blend in with a group and our insecurities or lack of motivation are less visible within the group-think. So all goes well and Mercury can make any changes necessary to blend in.

Saturday, Jan 18

At 3:32am Mercury at 2:40 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 2:40 Taurus.

Mercury is ruled by Uranus as he Transits Aquarius, but the Square is a bit of a challenge regardless. So there is still some unexpected communication or changed desires that get expressed. It can be like ripping off a band-aid: it stings initially, but the relief is in letting the new air in and the healing is ensured. We may be wanting to give to the group some of our own resources but we are reminded of something that says: wait. Are you crippling yourself or them in the process? Awareness allows everyone to trust that all will be fine regardless of the challenge so maybe you need to not speak up just yet. Let the solution find itself. Uranus/Aquarius rules acquaintances and someone you don’t even know yet may provide the words needed to move things ahead. So don’t get ahead of yourself. Watch and learn. But if you DO speak up, it can still be remedied by the group deciding the final course to take.

At 5:31am Pallas Athena Ingresses Capricorn.

I think PA may throw her hands up once she begins to review our political circles of power!

PA is what I call our ‘Xena Warrior Princess energy’. It is where our male and female energies are merged and we are able to see and understand patterns of the Sign’s energies that our Natal PA resides in. While in Sagittarius, we may have been more attuned to spiritual matters and global thinking. We could have risen above some Karmic/duality issues by seeing how ying and yang go together. But in Capricorn, PA will show us how ‘father-like’ authority works for both men and women. How our power should really be used. And how to balance nurturing with discipline, structure and order. PA is joining the Stellium in Capricorn that is breaking up some now that Mercury has Ingressed Aquarius. But we still have Jupiter, the South Node, Pluto, Ceres, Saturn and the Sun (for a few more days). A lot of focus on Capricorn side of our lives.

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