Venus Semi-Square Saturn/Pluto & Sun Into Aquarius – Jan 19/20

All night and day on Sunday through Monday Venus will be rolling through the now separating Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. Pluto is now at 23+ degrees again on the same degree with Saturn. So there is a very strong Conjunction that is still at play. Venus will be Semi-Squaring both of them today. As Mars did from the Sign of Sagittarius on Jan 14/15. Not the nicest energy, but it will serve a purpose of moderating the Saturn/Pluto effect.

Sunday, Jan 19, EST

At 7:46am Mars at 10:54 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 10:54 Capricorn.

Jupiter rules Mars in Sagittarius right now so this minor, but productive, aspect is Jupiter checking in on Mars’ progress in taking actions that align with our new spiritual philosophy or global perspective. Random Acts of Kindness are the best way to go. You should DEMONSTRATE your philosophy. Put your ideas in actions that create your spiritual ideal. Or you may simply initiate some actions to support a mentor or senior member of your clan. Your actions prove how optimism supports abundance.

Mars will begin a new cycle with Jupiter on Mar 20 at 22:49 Capricorn! Just 2 minutes from the exact Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. It will be like ‘Opposite Day’ on Nickelodeon as Saturn’s restriction or ‘stop’ energy is replaced by Mars’ ‘go’ energy and Pluto’s ‘doom & destruction’ energy is replaced by Jupiter’s ‘optimism & expansion’ energy. Its going to be interesting. And there may be too MUCH enthusiasm on this day, but it will be a big shift from the Jan 12 Conjunction!

Monday, Jan 20

At 4:48am Venus at 8:02 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 23:02 Capricorn.

In Pisces Venus is hiding some of her desires and values in order to bring some new ones to the surface once she Ingresses Aries. There is some irritation between her and an authority type. Likely because she is avoiding him and that is not what he likes. Pluto is in Capricorn where we initiate physical structures (ruled by Saturn) and Venus is in the other Karmic energy of dissolving structures (ruled by Neptune). So there is an irritation here as what we feel was becoming solid, is now not very tangible. Maybe the resources you thought would be coming through for your ‘power-play’ is now nowhere to be found. You will need to wait for a better aspect down the road.

At 9:55am the Sun Ingresses Aquarius.

Clarity on how our public structures and use of power serves the universal good and benefits groups of people that may be disenfranchised. We are SEEING what needs to CHANGE in order to benefit everyone. Are our social networking efforts reaping the universal ideals of Aquarius? Or should we seek to make changes, by setting new goals, that manifest our Fixed Air (ideas)?

At 11:04am Venus at 8:20 Pisces Trines the North Node at 8:20 Cancer.

This is an easy energy as Venus’s values will dissolve to be more nurturing and supportive of family while she is irritated by authorities that may not be helping the family-side of the equation. Money spent on family matters feels right and easy to do.

At 7:24pm Venus at 8:45 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 23:45 Capricorn.

Saturn is the taskmaster who holds everyone to the proper use of authority and collective capital. So Venus may be feeling like she needs to dissolves areas of her own spending that have been self-serving and rather than providing public structures to support bread-winning strategies that can endure. The quick-fix of spending right now will NOT be well-received by an authority that has long-range plans in mind.

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