Higher-Minded, Soulful Clarity – Jan 21-23

Tuesday, Jan 21, EST

At 11:41am Mercury at 8:22 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 8:22 Cancer.

This aspect has already exacted and it would have been some unexpected communication from family (or whoever is shown by the House where you have 8+ Cancer). For me, my phone was ringing off the hook all morning for impromptu Astrology Readings! Of which I am grateful and enjoyed. The adjustment was that I had to also get to work, but it all went together rather smoothly.

At 11:59am the Moon Ingresses Capricorn.

Over the next 2+ days we will begin to have some intuition and feelings to go along with all of the various Planetary energies involved with the Capricorn Stelliums (South Node and Jupiter; Saturn, Ceres and Pluto). Look for some subtle insight into what is going on.

Wednesday, Jan 22

From Wed to Thur the Sun is moving through 2 Higher-Minded Planets (Neptune and Uranus) and Chiron all within the span of just under 24 hours. Which means these Planets are all in close aspect to each other though they won’t exact these aspects right now. You may recall the Semi-Squares between Uranus and Neptune over the last year (2019). They are back in orb again now and some of the same energy is still creating some subconscious irritation.

Mercury made these same aspects on Friday and Saturday (Jan 17/18). So now we can see more clearly the purpose behind what was expressed at that time.

At 3:48am the Sun at 1:47 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 16:47 Pisces.

As the Sun Semi-Squares Neptune there is a bit of irritation around what we see right now that involves groups of people or our social network. We may see how we want more freedom of movement and how some subconscious fear has been holding us back from seeking that freedom. We can also see what Neptune is doing and dissolving in our lives.

At 1:03pm the Sun at 2:10 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 2:10 Aries.

A productive aspect of clarity around our insecurity or lack of motivation. It could be that we can actually SEE some silver-lining around how this ‘wounded’ feeling has helped us in surprising ways. And gratitude is always the best policy in managing any Soul-level pain.

Thursday, Jan 23, AM

At 1:54am the Sun at 2:43 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 2:43 Taurus.

This is the last aspect to bring solutions and unexpected inspiration around any issues you might have had clarity around yesterday. Uranus rules the Sun and so CHANGE is in the air. You could have inspiration to set new goals that help you navigate through any subconscious fears or insecurity that has been holding you back.

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