Mercury, Venus & Jupiter 3-Way – Jan 23

As I write this, the Sun has yet to exact the Square to Uranus (at 1:54am). That will be some very helpful clarity to top off a day full of clarity (Wed). But the rest of Thursday belongs to a 3-way with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Then Friday afternoon we have the New Moon in Aquarius.

From the Sun’s Square to Uranus, the Moon is in Transiting through some easier aspects in Capricorn like a Conjunction to the South Node and Jupiter and a Sextile to Neptune. But by the time Venus aspects Jupiter (8:07am), the Moon will begin to apply to Conjunct Pluto and Saturn. By noon, your feelings may become intense and serious so be mindful.

Thursday, Jan 23, EST

At 8:07am Venus at 11:48 Pisces Sextiles Jupiter at 11:48 Capricorn.

Some very nice subconscious healing around the way we have used our power or careers to ‘bring home the bacon’ in Capricorn-style. We are bringing up some new desires to carry us forward and Jupiter is offering some perspective on leadership styles we can use to earn a living and to acquire social status in a way that benefits us all at the same time.

At 12:17pm Mercury at 11:51 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 11:51 Capricorn.

Here we can have some unexpected expressions around our new perspectives of leadership and use of power. Mercury in Aquarius wants what is best for everyone equally. Jupiter in Capricorn wants authority that is benevolent and generous. There can’t be too much difference here in the overall inspired thoughts.

At 8:07pm Mercury at 12:24 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Venus at 12:24 Pisces.

Now Mercury can express the hidden values that Venus is going to be bringing to the surface shortly. How can we value the collective and universal good while we still want to have our own ‘assets’ and resources? Aquarius would say to give it all away and share. But Venus is known to be a material girl who likes the finer things. But she is being called to dissolve some of her own needs for the benefit of the whole and for equality.

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