Mercury Ingresses Pisces – Feb 3

On Monday we have some magical clarity, a change in our communication style as Mercury changes Signs, and productive Interpersonal aspects (Jupiter/Saturn).

At 12:01am (EST) the Sun at 13:49 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 7:49 Cancer.

Here you may enjoy some effortless socializing with friends and family. Or you may see how your social network is nurturing to your family. Or you want freedom and your family is supportive of it. Its a great time to set new social goals that enhance your sense of family.

At 6:37am Mercury Ingresses Pisces.

Mercury moves from one Higher-Minded energy to another, but Aquarius and Pisces are very different in their natures: Aquarius is Fixed Air/Ideas and Pisces is Mutable/Changeable Water/Emotion. Its like diving off a high cliff into deep waters. The way we communicate is likely to be more hidden or we may avoid speaking to someone altogether. Our conscious mind is dissolving its old paradigm as Pisces helps us to bring a new sense of our physical world to the surface once Mercury Ingresses Aries. But Mercury will Retrograde back into Aquarius first. If you watch his changing of Signs, you will see how different our ideas, thoughts and expressions are in these 2 Signs.

At 10:00am the Sun at 14:15 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 14:15 Capricorn.

A nice productive energy between our reality around friends and acquaintances and our leadership philosophy. Can we be a great group leader? Can we state the goals of our group to others so they can understand? Can we use our group-think to seek new career horizons? How does philanthropy make for better government and public institutions? This is minor so likely the effect won’t create huge changes for the time being.

At 5:01pm Venus at 25:22 Pisces Sextiles Saturn at 25:22 Capricorn.

It never hurts to have these 2 Planets in a productive aspect. Venus wants to acquire and in Pisces, she may just want to fantasize about what she wants. But Saturn will help her to make her desires more concrete by taking the time to do things right. Venus is nearing the end of her Transit through Pisces and will be bringing us some new desires once she reaches Aries. For now, Saturn is helping us to see how realistic our dreams and desires are especially around our social status and career objectives.

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