Unexpected, Soulful Desires Clarified – Feb 10

What time is it Astrologically speaking at this time and space?

Venus in Aries is leading the Personal Planets through the Zodiac Wheel. She has just entered a new annual cycle as she Ingressed Aries crossing over the Earth’s Ascendant at 0:00 Aries. Mercury is in Pisces soon to Retrograde then along with the late degrees of Aquarius. The Sun is in Aquarius, a tad over mid-way through the Winter Solstice. Mars is bringing up the rear of the Planets right now as he wraps up his Transit through Sagittarius.

We are not half-way through the Eclipse cycle that began with the Solar Eclipse at 4:07 Capricorn on Dec 26, 2019. We are 2 days past the Full Moon in Leo and moving towards the New Moon in Pisces. All Planets are Direct at this time. Though Mercury will change that on Feb 16.

Monday, Feb 10, EST

At 3:06am Venus at 2:56 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 2:56 Aries.

Venus is a Healing Planet so she will be offering some help this morning with our insecurity or lack of motivation. You have the healing touch so reach out and use it as a way to overcome your own insecurity or someone else’s. Venus is just starting to reveal some of our new desires for the next annual cycle. Our loving actions today can reveal some of what is ahead. Right now our desires are Soulfully motivated.

At 3:15am the Sun at 21:03 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 3:03 Taurus.

Over the next 2 hours, both the Sun and Venus will aspect Uranus. So this offers us some clarity around our desires and any unexpected changes Uranus has been bringing up. Uranus rules the Sun in Aquarius, his own Sign. So we are SEEING our desires to socialize, or not. We can understand the purpose and the goals of any group we are interacting with. AND we can set new goals for charity and philanthropy or new ways to acquire resources may come to us in flashes.

At 5:23am Venus at 3:03 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 3:03 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus in Taurus, the Sign she rules. We can expect to take some inspired actions to demonstrate our desires or love for someone. Or we may just seek to touch and share some passionate, creative desires. We can be attracted to new things or new ways of touching and sharing of our resources.

At 4:30pm Mars at 26:10 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 26:10 Capricorn.

Not a major aspect, but one that will hold Mars in check a bit. He can get over-the-top with his actions and motivations in Sagittarius, so Saturn could be giving him the look that says, ‘slow down’. Saturn is some authority-type, father-type (though can be a female) that is reigning in your optimism and even random acts of kindness. Sagittarius is wisdom and our actions should be offering wise and response-able actions today.

Tuesday, Feb 11

At 1:11pm the Sun at 22:28 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 7:28 Cancer.

Aquarius is freedom-loving and sees everyone as a sort of communal family. Cancer, of course, is more security-conscious and less inclusive of acquaintances and outsiders, that Aquarius rules. So there is some adjustment that needs to be made regarding your goals for freedom, joining a group or socializing so that an ease can be created with your family values.

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