Sun & Eros Semi-Sextile Pluto – Feb 11/12

At 3:00am on Tuesday Venus at 4:07 Aries Squared the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse at 4:07 Capricorn. You may have seen how your desires align with the Fresh Start promised by the Solar Eclipse. By 7:00pm the Moon Ingresses Libra and over the next 2 1/2 days will Square the Stellium of Planets in Capricorn.

Wednesday, Feb 12, EST

At 1:39pm Venus at 5:47 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 23:49 Capricorn.

Magical pursuit of our desires creates an intimate situation that satisfies our social status. Or this could be a helpful financial aspect where you act to share your resources and someone decides to underwrite your new ‘business model’ (aka the action you took in pursuit of your desires to acquire). We are just beginning to understand our new desires through the actions we are taking. Soulful integrity of honesty and transparency is part of this magical aspect.

At 2:33pm Mercury at 11:22 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 26:22 Capricorn.

A bit of irritation between our subconscious words/ideas and our career objectives. Mercury will make this same aspect to Saturn again on Feb 19 when he is Retrograde at 12:09 Pisces. There will be some review of your expressions and plans that are spoken/written about today. If you are signing on the dotted line of a new contract for your career, expect there to be some changes once Mercury is Retrograde. So build some flexibility into your plans.

At 8:25pm the Sun at 23:47 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 23:47 Capricorn.

A minor aspect offering clarity for social justice and how it will work with our own use of someone else’s money or our use of power. Aquarius is Fixed Air/Ideas so there is only one right way to do things. Pluto’s highest vibration is integrity so go for the highest good for all in your use of power or use of money and you will see how to do this today. The Sun exacted a Conjunction to Eros on Tuesday night so we deeply desire the highest good for all concerned right now. Aquarians want to save the world and the Sun and Eros are helping us to desire this in 5D ways right now. Pluto is in the Sign of politics, but the Sun and Eros know we need more than that to bring justice back.

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