Mars Enters Capricorn & Mercury Stations Retrograde – Feb 16/17

Sunday, Feb 16, EST

At 6:33am Mars Ingresses Capricorn.

In Saturn’s Sign of Capricorn Mars’ aggression is restricted and forced to slow down. Slow and steady wins the race Capricorn-style. But for the next 6 weeks we will be motivated to initiate some enduring structures regarding our career, social status and power. Mars will start new cycles with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn so there are big events up ahead.

At 5:57pm the Sun at 26:43 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 26:43 Capricorn.

How are our career objectives aligning with our social network, group goals and sense of freedom?

At 7:54pm Mercury at 12:53 Pisces Stations Retrograde. From now until March 9 Mercury will retrace the degrees from 12:53 Pisces back to 28:13 Aquarius. What has been spoken, planned and thought about over the last 3 weeks are up for review. Specifically pertaining to our subconscious imaginings/fears, hidden things and things we like to avoid as well as a bit of Aquarian Fixed Ideas. On Feb 25, during his Retrograde phase, Mercury will Conjunct the Sun at 6:55 Pisces, known as their Inferior Conjunction which seeds a new 165-day cycle between our reality (Sun) and our seen/conscious (Mercury) world.

Monday, Feb 17

At 12:12pm Mercury Rx at 12:51 Pisces Quintiles Mars at 0:51 Capricorn.

This is the first aspect made to Mars since his Ingression into Capricorn. Mercury will have us speaking about some of our new motivations here as he is set to review the first 12 degrees of Pisces. What subconscious things do we need to see in order to magically act to benefit our social status? There is effortless energy here to initiate communication that supports our social status. Our subconscious mind can be confusing and it can be hard to see things clearly, but the magic of this aspect will be reflected through our actions and words.

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