Mars, then Sun, in Soul Awareness – Feb 21/22

If you have Planets or Points within a 2-degree orb of 3 degrees in the Cardinal Signs, you may be ready to act, but then held back. These aspects could be hitting you in very hard ways right now, so pace yourself and look for the Soul Awareness.

Friday, Feb 21, EST

At 4:10am Mars at 3:22 Capricorn Trines Uranus at 3:22 Taurus.

Your motivations for success will be inspired by your desires for acquiring resources. This is an easy, but electrifying aspect that will help you ACT in new and surprising ways with great success. How can you achieve the career objectives you want AND keep your finances in tact during any transitions? Look for the flashes of insight to lead you to take the right action.

At 8:16am Mars at 3:30 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 3:30 Aries.

This is Part 2 of our motivations/actions in ‘Soul Awareness’ (Uranus and Chiron who are in tight orb of a Semi-Sextile). But this Soulful side to the awareness can hurt a bit. Mars rules Chiron in Aries right now. We are hesitant to act and we are insecure about how to assert ourselves, on the one hand. But motivated to succeed on the other. The Square means it will be challenging and we are likely to be pained/wounded by the actions, or non-actions, we take right now. See the Soulful side of this and do your best to move through it.

Saturday, Feb 22

At 1:07am the Sun at 3:05 Pisces Semi-Squares Jupiter at 3:05 Capricorn.

Some irritating clarity, but with Jupiter involved, it is not likely to be too irritating. In fact, we may see how to be more careful with our goal-setting in check as Capricorn would demand. Slow and steady is the way to achieve, so your goals need to reflect that.

At 9:13am the Sun at 3:25 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 3:25 Taurus.

The Sextile is half of the Trine that Mars made to Uranus yesterday morning. There is a Sextile coming between the Sun and Mars on Monday morning where we can SEE how to ACT on those flashes of insight from Uranus. For now, we are just getting clear on how to acquire what we need and we have some subconscious clarity to help us get there.

At 12:30pm the Sun at 3:33 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 3:33 Aries.

This Semi-Sextile is easier than Mars’ Square to Chiron so you should be able to move into some gratitude for your lack of motivation or hesitation to act. Somehow it might have been just the right thing to do as the clarity you receive now will help you to navigate your way forward in spite of insecurity or an inability to act.

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