4-Way w/ Sun, Mars, NN & the Inferior Conjunction – Feb 24/25

Monday, Feb 24, EST

At 8:15pm the Sun at 5:55 Pisces Sextiles Mars at 5:55 Capricorn.

Subconscious clarity around our career pursuits. Or setting goals from a place of knowing that supports our motivations to succeed. A powerful man could show you how to assert yourself clearly. Mars is already applying to Quintile Neptune so this aspect is going to play a role in making things effortless as we can see through what may have been confusing just a few days ago.

At 9:02pm Mars at 5:56 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 17:56 Pisces.

Our actions for power, career or success bring about effortless results. Or obstacles just magically disappear and you can reach for your rose.

Tuesday, Feb 25

At 9:40am the Sun at 6:27 Pisces Trines the North Node at 6:27 Cancer.

Here we can see how our family is really just an extension of ourselves and we can find nurturing a family member to be very easy today.

At 2:08pm Mars at 6:25 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 6:25 Cancer.

As Mars seeks success and power, here he is going to be a bit of a challenge from the home sector that he is not doing enough there. Or you are zealous to enforce disciplinary actions, but are reminded by a motherly-type that you need to balance discipline with nurturing too.

At 8:45pm the Sun at 6:55 Pisces Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 6:55 Pisces.

This is one of their 3 Inferior Conjunctions each year. It is Inferior because Mercury is Retrograde. But it begins a new 165-day cycle of our thoughts, ideas, communications and contracts aligning with realtime goals and purpose. As they are in the Sign of Pisces, the Sun helps provide some needed clarity around areas that Pisces keeps hidden and that can confuse us from time to time. All day on Tuesday our words and plans that have been under revision since Mercury Stationed Retrograde on Feb 16 at 12:53 Pisces will be clear and achievable if we don’t follow Mercury’s trickster mind too closely. Stay in Higher-Mind energies and Mercury won’t trip you up so much.

At this point in their current 165-day cycle, the Sun and Mercury will begin covering the other’s tracks until the Sun reaches 12:53 Pisces on Mar 1. Look above at the Sun’s aspects and Mercury will be making be the same aspects to Mars and the North Node.

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