Mercury Rx Follows the Sun’s Path in Reverse – Feb 26

Wednesday, Feb 26, EST

At 12:58am Mercury Rx at 6:44 Pisces Sextiles Mars at 6:44 Capricorn.

The Sun made this aspect to Mars on Monday afternoon. That was clarity, but now we can express what we saw clearly then. There is about a degree difference between the Sun’s aspect to Mars and Mercury’s now. So Tuesday night and Wednesday morning could tie these 2 aspects together with words, plans and thoughts. Can you express your career objectives that you are initiating right now?

At 6:23am Mercury Rx at 6:29 Pisces Semi-Squares Venus at 21:29 Aries.

Some irritation between our ideas and expressions and your actions to acquire some object of affection or resources that we value. Mercury is reviewing how we subconsciously plan things right now.

At 11:46am Mercury Rx at 6:15 Pisces Trines the North Node at 6:15 Cancer.

The Sun made this same aspect on Tuesday morning at 6:27 Pisces/Cancer respectively. So this aspect is very near that one. Now we are speaking about how we see our home goals and nurturing needs are being met. There is an ease in expressing yourself to family this morning.

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