1/4 Moon & Black Moon Lillith Conjunct Chiron – Mar 2/3

Monday, Mar 2, EST

At 2:57pm the Moon at 12:42 Gemini Squares the Sun at 12:42 Pisces.

A very minor aspect that will require some focus to recognize it. You may be so used to your natural intuition (Moon) and clarity (Sun) that it goes unnoticed. But the Square here is a challenge to the ‘fresh start’ of the New Moon at 4:29 Pisces on Feb 23. How do you feel about the progress you have made on your goals seen at that time? That is the question.

Tuesday, Mar 3

At 11:44am Venus at 28:26 Aries Squares Saturn at 28:26 Capricorn.

The pursuit of your desires or acquisition of resources may have to be put on hold for a bit as Saturn is admonishing your actions here. “Slow down” is Saturn’s mantra to Mars/Aries energy. Plan before you act. Don’t throw your career goals away because you acted rashly.

At 6:32pm Black Moon Lillith at 4:07 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 4:07 Aries.

This is quite the aspect today as they both meet EXACTLY Square to the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse degree of 4:07 Capricorn. Chiron would be some wounding around what that Eclipse initiated in your life. You would feel insecure or unmotivated about attaining your goals (Capricorn) and your adventure or higher consciousness (Jupiter Conjunct the Eclipse degree). But BML offers 5D insight into our ability to initiate and act and offers us some ‘superhuman’ abilities. So BML is likely to suspend Chiron’s ability to wound here today and SHOW us how to be more successful in realizing the promise of the Solar Eclipse. So make good use of what you feel today about acting, initiating and pursuing as it is likely to be more magical than wounding. You may be simply act in ways that further your career goals and social status that you haven’t been motivated to do recently.

The mythological story of BML is that she was the first wife God made for Adam, but she refused to submit to him. So Adam asked God for another wife and he made one from Adam’s rib, Eve.

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