Mercury Rx Stops & Then Goes – Mar 6/7

Friday, Mar 6, EST

At 8:08pm Mercury Rx at 28:44 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 28:44 Capricorn.

Mercury is slowing down considerably now as he is set to Station Direct at 28:13 Aquarius late Monday night. For now, he is taking it slow as he aspects Saturn in a productive, but minor orb. Maybe there will be something said that shows us what we can expect from Saturn’s Ingression into Aquarius which is due at 11:59pm on Mar 21. Saturn is in his own Sign now, but once in Aquarius he will be ruled by Uranus and it will be a battle of the ‘status quo’ (Saturn) vs. the change agent (Uranus/Aquarius). Control of groups will be what authority types will be leaning towards. But Uranus/Aquarius wants personal freedom at most any cost. So it will be interesting given the timing of things that are ramping up in our 3D/seen/conscious world. Uranus/Aquarius makes things universal and Saturn wants structure around it. The Uranus/Pluto Conjunction of 1966 created the entire ‘killer virus being spread through the air’ fear. Saturn rules Karmic fear and so it will be quite an interesting alignment we will be facing in the 3rd week of March. With any luck, Mercury can express some of what is ahead as he will NOT exact another Semi-Sextile to Saturn once he Stations Direct. So this is the only expression we will have that is productive for the next month regarding Saturn’s objectives.

Saturday, Mar 7

At 1:43am Mercury Rx at 28:40 Aquarius Semi-Squares Mars at 13:40 Capricorn.

Mercury has only budged 4 minutes from this aspect to Saturn, which slowed him down. Now Mars would like to speed him up and the irritation will be expressed via action or words as these 2 meet. Mars rules ‘infection’ and so there may be something spoken about that at this time. What are you pursuing career-wise? Some group-think may not agree with your career ambitions. Mercury is still feeling Saturn’s control over the words he is motivated to speak, but is likely still being too serious to act on Mar’s energy.

At 2:00am we will enter Daylight Savings Time and lose an hour.

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