4-Way of Venus, Sun, Uranus & Neptune Usher in the Full Moon on Monday – Mar 8

Sunday is action-packed with 5 aspects keeping us on our toes. But the Moon Ingressing Virgo at 6:46am is going to begin the emotional escalation of subconscious fear that will take us into the next 2-weeks of the building Corona virus ‘issue.’ In April 1966, Uranus and Pluto were Conjunct at 16+ Virgo and this began the current cycle of deadly (Pluto) virus (universal spreading/Uranus) concerns. Monday’s Full Moon at 19:37 Virgo is near that degree and Neptune will reach 19:37 Virgo on April 11, having just left 16+ Virgo for good in December. My current Solar Return Ascendant is at 19:41 Virgo… interesting;0

But even MORE interesting is the fact that the Full Moon will Square the Uranus and Nodes of Fate of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Don’t miss Monday’s post about the Full Moon in Virgo and the CDC’s role in the Uranus/Pluto cycle that began at 16+ Virgo in April 1966.

Sunday, Mar 8, EST

At 1:36am Venus 3:23 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:23 Pisces.

This is Part 1 of a 4-way with Venus, Sun, Neptune and Uranus. Though Uranus will not exact a Semi-Square to Neptune this time around, they are still in orb of a Semi-Square that was in effect all of last year too. That is some irritation between our collective unconscious (where we are all connected) and unexpected change and revelation. Something is a tad unsettling. You don’t have to look far to see what THAT might be! Pisces is Opposite Virgo and our health. Venus is offering some healing, but the Conjunction is still a hard aspect. We may be worried about our resources or our desires and beauty. Or all of the above. This is an unease around touching with the Semi-Square. An unease around how we acquire what we need.

At 8:23am the Sun at 18:24 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 18:24 Pisces.

The Sun Conjunct Neptune is offering clarity around any subconscious hesitation or fear. Why are we worried about resources? What is the status of our beauty and desires? What has Neptune been dissolving over the last year as he Transited across 18+ Pisces and will do so 2 more times this year? The Sun’s clarity offers a reprieve from Neptune’s confusion and fog.

At 2:50pm the Mean North Node at 4:39 Cancer Squares Black Moon Lillith at 4:39 Aries.

Most often we tend to follow the True North Node rather than the Mean, but many times the Mean is more energetic in aspects. So as the Mean Node Squares BML still Conjunct to Chiron in Aries, this aspect could provide us a bit more insight into what is going on here. Staying home is one way to deal with lack of motivation or insecurity. There seem to be other reasons this may be occurring more frequently as we ramp up to the Mars/Jupiter Conjunction on Mar 20 which EXPANDS (Jupiter) INFECTION (MARS). BML and Chiron have been bringing up some Soulful and 5D stuff, but it isn’t always easy unless you really understand 5D. Pay attention to what is going on in the 3D world and respond with 5D energy.

At 3:38pm Venus at 4:01 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 4:01 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus in her Sign of Taurus. And since Uranus Ingressed Taurus on May 15, 2018, we have been seeing some shake-up in the way we acquire resources. Your usual means of acquisition, which were unmovable in Taurus’ Fixed Earth energy, have been dislodged forcing us to rely on revelation and inspiration for finding NEW and CHANGED way to obtain what we need for food, money, desires and beauty. As Venus Conjuncts Uranus we may be able to SEE what we really VALUE now with Uranus plowing up the field. And we could experience sudden attraction that can feel like love at first sight. Though be careful because Uranian connections don’t always last very long. And given the Semi-Square orb to Neptune, you may already suspect that going into the energy. But it is doubtful that you should fight it so enjoy it while it lasts. While you may be worried about resources given all the Corona Virus scare, you may also see that the Universe can provide no matter what the 3D disaster might be.

At 11:40pm Venus at 4:24 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 4:24 Aries.

Within a few hours of this aspect, Venus will exact the same aspect to BML so essentially this is just a productive aspect to initiate some financial actions or to pursue our desires with less insecurity. Venus offers healing and helps us to initiate things. BML and Venus can provide us with some ability to acquire our desires and resources that we wouldn’t have considered before. All in all the day ends with some helpful 5D healing.

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