The Biseptiles with Uranus; Connection to Group Karma – Jun ’19-May ’20

We are full-on in much of the energy of the current Stellium in Capricorn (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), but there is still energy left to be expressed as Mars, Jupiter and Pluto exact their Conjunctions to each other, beginning new cycles, over the next few days AND Saturn Ingresses Aquarius.

As I feel this current ‘Virus Outbreak’ fear largely originated at the Uranus/Pluto Conjunctions 1965-1966 at roughly 16+ Virgo, I have been looking closely at that cycle in light of what has transpired recently. Pluto and Uranus are not in any real aspect right now, though they will be again soon.

What seems to be at play between the Stellium in Capricorn and Uranus is a BiSeptile aspect which brings up our spiritual responsibilities and a connection to group Karma. Pluto made this aspect to Uranus last June and will be again on May 16th. Saturn BiSeptiled Uranus on Dec 12, 2019, Jupiter did so on Mar 10 and Mars will exact a BiSeptile to Uranus TODAY!

At 2:55pm today Mars at 21:38 Capricorn Biseptiles Uranus at 4:29 Aries.

We should each be able to detect this aspect as Mars makes it personal for each of us. Whatever SUDDEN INSPIRATION you have to ACT may show you a bit of what Uranus is doing in these collective Biseptiles and how it is affecting YOUR (Mars) CAREER GOALS (Capricorn) and your available assets (Uranus in Taurus) πŸ˜‰

So let’s see how that has been building as the Outer Planets made this aspect to Uranus BEFORE Mars:

Pluto and Uranus create the thought ‘virus’ that kills or transforms. They started this cycle in April 1966 in Virgo the Sign of health/wellness, daily activities, work environment, co-workers, daily activities, service, duty, volunteering. Uranus in Taurus is spreading the ‘virus’ through saliva from the throat (mostly or supposedly) and we are aware of touch right now. The BiSeptile checked us on how we are using our power around shared and earned resources regarding this current cycle of Uranus/Pluto. That is a big part of the issue with closing down businesses to prevent the spread. By May, we will revisit this aspect again and see how things are developing around our own resources (Taurus) and shared resources (Pluto).

Saturn and Uranus change the ‘status quo’ and Saturn is an Interpersonal Planet making this ‘virus’ all about how we relate to each other. How are we doing on group Karmic connection of this FEAR (Saturn)? Saturn seeks to control the groups of Uranus in some way.

Jupiter is the other Personal Planet and, along with Uranus making everything universal, Jupiter makes it GLOBAL. How are we relating to each other globally?

Mars makes this energy very personal to each of us. He is the one that asserts our own needs. Mars and Uranus can trip each of us up in some way. Mars is self. Uranus is universal and groups of people cooperating. We will each be challenged today to do our own thing, but within the context of what is good for all as a group and a population.

The Biseptile is a subtle energy, but you can see the slow effects it has been bringing us since Pluto and Uranus first met in this aspect last June. They will meet again in May to show us how we are managing the challenges of being ‘spiritually responsible’ to our group Karma.

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