Saturn Ingresses Aquarius – Shake Up of the Status Quo – Mar 21/22am

Saturday, Mar 21, EST

At 1:06am Vesta Ingresses Gemini.

Vesta shows us which ‘group’ we feel most comfortable with. In Transit, it gives us a chance to experience different groups (small or large) based on the Sign and House where Vesta is at present. In Gemini we will find ourselves feel most comfortable within our local community, with classmates, siblings, cousins and neighbors.

At 9:30pm Mercury at 4:13 Pisces Trines the North Node at 4:13 Cancer.

This aspect has the South Node very near exact to the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse degree at 4:07 Capricorn. Something expressed now could show us more about the Eclipse’s fresh start. And it will work very well with our family obligations and needs.

At 11:59pm Saturn Ingresses Aquarius.

It is a major event when an Outer Planet changes Signs. Saturn will go from his own Sign of Capricorn, into the energy of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. CHANGE (Uranus) to the Status Quo (Saturn) will be very much a part of our public structures. It can manifest in many ways, but we have essentially begun to feel this energy as Saturn is in orb of a Square to Uranus at the moment, its lose, but there. Let’s look at all of the merged energies of Saturn and Uranus:

We are currently at the Internalization Phase, but Social Pressure is coming soon!

Control of Groups; Focus on Groups, Restricting groups and socialization (aka SOCIAL DISTANCING; Initiating Structures and Boundaries for groups of people; creating public structures to support groups of people; control or limitation of social media/Internet, etc; using authority to provide for people equally and universally; Karmic fear of groups (3D); enlightened power of groups (5D); implementing Age of Aquarius style community living in our public world; and on and on.

But this can be a ‘changing of the guard’ as well. Authorities can be shaken up at this time. It can be population control (if your wounding/Chiron is in a 10th House position) OR empowerment of group and universal goals. Or groups assuming public control. Events could shape up quickly, but the ‘closing’ of borders is a Saturn thing. Lets see how this plays out. Don’t go for the 3D side of the energy because Uranus is NOT a 3D Planet, though Saturn delivers 3D when we respond to the restrictive side of Saturn.

Saturn will remain in Aquarius until Jul 1 when he will Retrograde back to his own Sign. When he returns again to Aquarius on Dec 17, Jupiter will Conjunct Saturn at 0:29 Aquarius on Dec 21. Saturn will Station Direct on Sep 29 at 25:20 Capricorn, just 20 minutes from Pluto Retrograde Station. It will essentially be a 2nd pass to their Conjunction of Jan 12. This is such an amazing set of energies this year overlapping Capricorn and Aquarius energies with Pluto and Jupiter.

Sunday, Mar 22, AM

At 5:59am Mars at 24:10 Capricorn Quintiles Black Moon Lillith at 24:10 Aries.

Mars rules BML in Aries so there is plenty of action energy here that the Quintile makes ‘effortless’. Acting on our own behalf and with authority. Or acting as an authority to initiate necessary public structures.

At 9:19am Mercury at 4:40 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 4:40 Taurus.

Productive communication of our desires to level out our resources on behalf of others.

By this time, Mars Conjunct Pluto is nearing exactness. So watch your actions around using or misusing authority. There can be clashes of will around how to use shared resources.

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